concept of PS [part onehundred two]

2년 전

!!!One Hundred!!!!

Hey, peeps of Steemit!!!!
Hope, all are moving smoothly... Back to the point, Back to the PS...

As usual, these photos are made to express the power of PhotoShop. Though I'm learning and practising with it, I can't be like a Professional. Let's begin!


Lady on the water (based on 2 photos)
main photo


Create your own universe (based on 3 photos)
main photo


Wisdom Tree Creation (based on 2 photos)


Dream House (based on 6 photos)


Escape - A line of cars winds through Yellowstone National Park in 1966. To Stephen Mather, first director of the National Park Service, cars were “the open sesame” to get people into the parks. (based on 2 photos)
main photo

Done for now :)

I know, nobody read it thoroughly... I know, it is not uncertain... but, This is Something else, that I can't express.

All photos are taken from google images, Unsplash and other websites. If the photos are against the rules of copywriting terms and condition, Please pardon me, I'm not announcing myself as an owner of the photos... Thank You

Any Opinion? Please Comment!



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Fantastic work as Always!

you are really so good at this: fantastic, congrats, @vjbasil