Seeing in Miniature & Chasing Ladybugs...

2년 전

I have had such a fun day today with my mum! I didn't get chance to spend the day with her yesterday on Mother's day because my son had special plans for me. So I headed over to her house today.

We decided to go for a walk and I took my camera with me, armed with my trusty macro lens because Deranged Visions is currently holding a macro photography competition and I love macro photography so was really looking forward to taking part with some new material.

(You can find the contest here if you would like to enter:

We had such a laugh. My mum had me lying in the meadow searching for bugs and chasing rabbits and butterflies, it was hilarious!

Here is the image that I will be using for the competition. You can click the images for the full screen version if you wish!

DSC_0683 sm wm.jpg

And here are some more I took during our little adventure:

DSC_0709 sm wm.jpg

DSC_0738 sm wm.jpg

DSC_0673 sm wm.jpg

DSC_0695 sm wm.jpg

And finally, here is a picture of my beautiful Mother on the day. I love you Mum! <3 I hope you had a lovely day. Thank you for being the best mum in the world xx

DSC_0916 sm wm.jpg

All Images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300 using my Tamron 90mm macro lens

Thank you guys for stopping by! Much love, BB xx

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

Btw, If you still haven’t signed up to the DrugWars game, you can join here for free:!/ref/@beautifulbullies

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!


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ahhh so cute!! I love the colours and the vibrancy - the little buggers really stand out nicely against all the backgrounds. I want a macro lens so badly.... someday!


lol yes the red really pops against the green. They are so fast though! I wasn't prepared for that haha
I have to say my macro lens is my favourite lens. I pretty much use it for everything except landscapes. You won't regret it if you get one! :D

Great shots of the ladybird! You managed to find a nice one with such a great red colour! Have you seen the black ones?


Thanks Bengy! :D Did you notice the heart shape on his back too? I thought that was awesome! you can see it in the last photo of the ladybird.
I haven't seen the black ones, are they poisonous! :o

Absolutely beautiful!! @farm-mom


Great shots! Sounds like a wonderful day. Best of luck in the contest 🌹


Thank you! :D Yes, It was a lovely day. I will always remember it now too as I have photographs for the memories! :)

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These are great!! All are well composed and the angles taken are great!


Thank you so much! :D

Hi dear missed you, I love the love bug I like the close up
Like he is telling something.
Your mum is so gorgeous !


Hey sweetness! I missed you too! Life is a little crazy right now, but I am hoping to get back on track again soon and get back to blogging.
Thank you, so glad you liked the pictures!
BB x


I just left the crazy times at the trash hahahah so hello april !

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Nice little shout out to your wonderful mom. My favorite shot is the one with the little guy having pollen stuck to its antennas. Cute!


Thank you! Yes, I almost used that one in the competition to be honest. I hope they like the one I submitted! :)

aaawww your mum looks so cute! and I love the pictures!


Thank you! :D

Who knew ladybugs could be so beautiful!
Great shots!
Good luck in the contest!


Thank you! :D

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Photos are great! And time with mother - is doubly appreciated!


Thank you :) Yes My mum is the best :D

what cool macro shots I can just picture the fun you and your mum had while you were getting these


hehe Thanks JJ! Yes, she was laughing so much at me rolling around shouting at the ladybugs to stop running away so fast lol


Laughter is the best medicine and makes fir great memories 😂👍

What a beautiful post! The colours, as well as seeing the ladybugs up so close.... stunning. Your mum is lovely too. 😍

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Thank you so much! :D

Gorgeous pictures, @beautifulbullies :D Looking at the ladybug traversing nature in your photographs absolutely capture that beautiful feeling of spring and of life coming out after winter :D

Such a lovely post * ___ *


I can't tell you how much better I feel for getting outside and seeing nature coming to life. Winter is finally over! yey! :D

great macro shots.. and your Mum is beautiful.
You gave me a scare, Mother's Day is celebrated in May here. We have to remember my Mother-In-Law/



Haha sorry about that! xD
Thank you, yes she is beautiful, inside and out :)

Scott is jealous! He was pouting that is was better than his ladybug photo. What a wonderful job you do. These are amazing!


lol awww tell him thank you for the compliment ;) I am sure his are amazing though!
Thank you Ren! xx

Very nice macro shots. Macro is one of my favorite forms of photography. There is something about the delicacy and technicality of getting it just right that makes it so special.

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives


Thank you Todd :) Yes, Macro is hard work at times, but so rewarding when you finally get that shot that is in focus in the right places lol

Your macro shots are amazing! Such incredible detail! Bravo!
And your mother is lovely! Hope you both had a happy day! 😃


Thank you so much TKG! :D We had a lovely day creating fun memories. Priceless!
BB xx

Wow these are really good macro shots. I'm still trying to improve my macro photography. Right now I only have a macro extension tube to work with. Would be nice if I could get a dedicated macro lens. Your mom has a smile like sunshine.


Thank you :D
Awww I will tell her that, she will love it :)

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Pretty bugs and pretty mum! It's been a very long time since I last saw a ladybird...not to mention with all the grasses and flowers around it looks too fantasy to me, lol. Nice shots <3


Thank you! It is so nice to see all the wildlife coming back after the winter months. Nothing better than getting outside with nature :D

How lovely! Beautiful images and vibrant spring colours.


Thank you so much @natubat :D

Lady bug up close and personal, great shots @beautifulbullies!

Belated happy Mother's Day to you and Your Mom, we only celebrate next month.

Awesome that you spent time with your mum! Great lady bug macros! They came out so clear and detailed!

Awww what a nice way to spend the day! ♥

You got some really lovely ladybug shots!

Sounds like a real special day <33
And the pictures of the lady bug .... you are so good :)

Amazing sweet macro shots!!!

Love lady bugs. My girls have these little electronic ones that buzz and vibrate and scoot across smooth surfaces😎

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When I was a kid I used to be so scared of these bugs, but now I find them so cute lol, amazing photos have you watched that microlens video that went viral on YouTube ?!

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