The birds and the bees

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The birds and the bees

Ok the title is misleading, this post is more about flowers and Bees, but as I was editing the shots, this song came to mind, its a classic song by Jewel Akens from 1964 titled the Birds and the bees, I will share a link to it at the end of the post

This past weekend it was mostly rainy this past weekend but yesterday afternoon the rain stopped for a bit and the sun came out so I popped out to take a few shots in the Neighborhood and thats what I am sharing now

And let me start with this little bee doing his business

1 Macros bees_-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F11 1/1000 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

Getting shots of bees and even the flower sis tricky for a couple of reasons, the wind was gently blowing so the flowers were moving, and these little bees are so active popping back and forth all over the place.

And here we have a bumblebee, that also was so busy moving it never seemed to stop at all, but I am somewhat happy with this shot, even though his legs and head were moving and a bit blurry the fur on its back is pretty clear and I like how the blossoms that were not to far behind it have disappeared into a smooth bokeh

1 Macros bees_-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F11 1/160 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

And hear we have another bee on the blossoms, not as good in my mmind as the first shot, but still OK to share.
By the way incase your wondering, for each of these bee shots that I am sharing I probably have 5 or 6 that the bee moved or focus was off and werent worth editing

1 Macros bees_.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F11 1/320 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

And finishing off with just a simple blossom

1 Macros bees_-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5.6 1/1600 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

I do have some more shots from yesterdays walk that are of the blossoms and flowers with rain drops on them but I have yet to edit those so they will be for a future post

And as promised here is a link to the video of the Song if you haven't heard it
TheBirds and the bees

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Such super photos of the flowers and bees! Thanks for telling us you have several photos where the bees didn’t cooperate! It makes me feel better!


Thanks and don’t worry even though the ones I shared and the best ones of bees I have ever got there were not only failures alongside these but so many times in the past I too many and did not even get one good shot 😎

Accccckkk. There is the difference between a photographer and a picture taker! You used 1 of 6 to get a shot you liked, I took about 40 frames of a bumblebee working some petunias last summer. I got maybe 2 usable :)

I just love them, Bees and flowers. Thank you!


Trust me I have had the same experience, I guess I just got lucky on Sunday with these shots :)

That first shot is definitely the best bee pic I've seen on Steemit.. if not EVER!!!

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Thanks such a kind comment is truly appreciated

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thanks kindly I appreciate the support !tip


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Lovely post @tattoodjay, gorgeous shots of the busy bees and the ever busy bumblebee AND the flowers! Funny how that old song can stick in one's head ;)
We had torrential rain here overnight causing a lot of damage, fortunately our property is ok!

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Glad your property is ok 👍
And yes isn’t it funny how a song can just pop in ones ones mind at random moments

I am terrified of bees but love how they look when captured clearly in a photo! You definitely accomplished this!

I was stung in the lip when I was younger, sharing a can of pop with my siblings. When it was my turn to drink up comes the bee to sting me! I still haven’t gotten over that incident. Though they are so little they inflict so much temporary pain.

Great shots! That first one is outstanding!


I am a bit scared of them as well, I was allergic to them when young and when I got stung i would swell up like a balloon, I haven been stung by one for years but I am curious around them

Thnaks I was so happy with these shots

Hello @tattoodjay
Beautiful macro photography of honey bee.
it bits very hard. but i think you are lucky. haha


Yes it is very tricky to get shots of them I did get lucky 🍀

Wonderful macro work, Jay. Impressed​:)


Thanks I was pretty happy with how these came out 👍😎👍

Nice ! All of these photos were pleasant to look at, but that first one is really, really awesome.


Thanks I was pretty happy with these especially the first one 👍😎👍

Those are some great closeups. It's amazing how many buzzing bugs there are. Sitting out on my porch everyday I see honeybees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, mud wasps, and more. They're all so neat to look at. Living out in the woods my house attracts so many nests for all sorts of insects. I have a hard time getting pictures of them though.


Must be so nice with so many insects about one advantage of living in a more remote location for sure mind you I don’t mind not seeing to many wasps or yellow jackets
They are very hard to get shots of

Beautiful pictures


Thanks kindly 👍😎👍

Lovely. I tried to capture insects but you need mad skills and good camera, so I leave it to the pros 😉


Thanks they are for sure hard to get shots of so I was pretty happy with these ones 👍😎👍

Well captured. I like the first photo best. I know how hard it is to get it right when there is a breeze.


Thanks I was so happy with these shots, but i also got many that were destined for the trash LOL


Ha always the way but you got some winners there so made it worth while.


Yes indeed especiallly with macro shooting a little Bree and the host is gone so I am happy if I only get one old shot LOL

Your macros are coming along very nicely I see... :)
Love the detail one sees in textures, etc up close, they are exquisite!


Thanks 🙏 I was very happy with these my best insect shots so far

So soft and beautiful shots. I like all of them, but the first one has a really pleasant color combination.

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Thanks kindly appreciate your visit and feedback

Oh yes... you nailed it, brother!

I know what you mean by hard to get pictures... between the wind, the bees movement, the price of tea in China... Ja!

I thought I was the only one that took a Bajillion pics (that's a real word... or well... should be) when trying to capture life's moments.

I have a setting that saves a single shot, in JPEG and RAW... so multiply each by two lol... Beautiful photos my friend... thank you for sharing!


But it’s fun trying lol bajillion it bazillion that should be a word for sure 😂

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It’s really tricky to capture the bees as they don’t just keep still.

Beautiful shots @tatoodjay & Wish me luck next time! 😀


For sure luckily these bees allowed me to get a couple of shots

Good luck 🍀

Such beautiful Spring icons ~ Blossoms and Bees. So superbly captured Jay. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks I am having fun with this new lens ;)

I love to watch them work. I haven't been out today I'll make up for it tomorrow :)


I saw you had a busy day today, tomorrow I hope to get out for some shots soon as well, its forecast to hit 73 tomorrow in NYC


We are expecting bad weather, its been gorgeous here :(


Glad it’s been nice there hope the weather isn’t to bad for you

Wow such an amazing photography!


Thanks I was happy how these came out :) loving my new lens

Amazing photos @tattoodjay..they all look great!! I remember that song and it came to mind as soon as I read the!


I think Perhaps thats a sign of our anger with that song LOL

Thanks I was very happy with how the new lens is working with these


You are welcome @tattoodjay! 💖

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Nice shots! It is great to see some of the good bees out and about. I usually tell people if it is fuzzy, leave it be. Those wasps and yellow jackets can just suck it as far as I am concerned. Spring is definitely coming!

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Yes spring is sure here for sure ;) Yes I agree with that its its fuzzy let it be, but the yellow jackets are best avoided or got rid of there nasty little beasts

Gorgeous pics of birds & bees in NYC! Perfect spring images. I love all the detail in your pics 😺


Thanks I was very happy with how these came out 👍😎👍

It's good to see a few kinds of bees. You have some nice photos there.


Thanks and yes I was glad to see many of them I don’t remember seeing so many last year

I think the song lyrics starts with; "Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees..."?
Beautiful shots here my friend!


Yes indeed it’s a classic song 😎

Thanks I was very happy with these on my morning walk I say many more bees and such but didn’t bring in my macro lens today


You are beautifully focused blossoms flower and cute bee. Nice photography


Thanks kindly I was happy with how these came out

In the first picture you can almost see the behind where they stick with, thats why i keep away but love the picture , i wonder how many pictures do you have and what subject is biggest. I have 23000 mostly family and the dogs


I generally keep away from bees as well, I used to react when I got stung when I was young quite bad, not sure if I still do but I haven't been stung for 30 years and I do not want to risk it to find out LOL

As for photos in my Active lightroom catalogue I have 280000 Photos mostly city shots and beach, but also a lot of the various events here that I shot for them,
thank I have six external backup drives for shots before 2014, I am not sure how many photos are on them off hand but the total storage space is 10 TB on those and I have copies of each photo on at least two of the drives, so I am guess I have about 4 TB of backed up photos

Is that a bee or a wasp? I always have trouble telling the difference. He looks like he's pretty busy with the flower, whatever he is!


This one was a bee 🐝 I did see a couple of wasps but stayed well clear of them
Well in the third shot is a bumblebee
And they were all so busy after the rain

Very nice! The first picture - it is so well conveys the spring mood


Thanks kindly that first photo is my all time favorite macro shot I have taken

aw dang; here i was thinking a kiwi lession in DA birds and the bees.. sigh ;) LOL
OMG the last pink flower is stunning, your framing makes it almost moving, woow your soo flipping good with your camera!!🐲🐉💗


Lol 😂 I will let others do those lessons 😂😎 I will just have fun with my camera
Thanks I was pretty happy with these shots
Have a great day