Vagrant for PHP developers

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Re-introducing Vagrant: Beginner

Vagrant is another program that combines the powers of a provisioner and VirtualBox to configure a VM for you.

Vagrant, however, takes a different approach to VMs. Where traditional VMs have a graphical user interface (GUI) with windows, folders and whatnot, thus taking a long time to boot up and become usable once configured, Vagrant-powered VMs don’t. Vagrant strips out the stuff you don’t need because it’s development oriented, meaning it helps with the creation of development friendly VMs.

VM -In definitions as simple as I can conjure them, a Virtual Machine (VM) is an isolated part of your main computer which thinks it’s a computer on its can mess up anything you want, and nothing breaks on your main machine. Imagine accidentally downloading a virus – on your main machine, that could be catastrophic.


Virtual Box- VirtualBox is a program which lets you quickly and easily create virtual machines. An alternative to VirtualBox is VMware.


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