The Michelson Morley Experiment

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So before I talk about revolution in science I should at least give a definition for revolution.
(This is my first text for Steemit like I said in my introduction I hope to improve, feel free to correct me.)

What is a revolution? Revolution is a sudden change in something. My hypothesis is that the theory of relativity revolutionized physics. To understand the sudden change, we have to look at the understanding of earth prior to Einstein’s theory and then decide if my hypothesis is right or wrong.

This is the first part and it deals with the understanding of physics way before Max Planck, Einstein or Niels Bohr.For that, I want to explain by introducing an experiment to find the presence of aether. A substance that is said to fill the empty space

The Michelson-Morley Experiment:

The interferometer, pictured above, is designed to measure the speed and direction of aether. In the interferometer light hits a half-silvered glass plate, which is oriented at an angle of 45° relative to two mirrors. The mirrors are placed at right angles to each other. A telescope gives us the possibility to watch the interference.

Interference fringes would be shown as a bright or dark band caused by the light phasing in or out with each of the beams within the interferometer.

They hoped for interference fringes since they thought that one part of the light would reach the telescope earlier than the other. Because of the Ether-Theory, they expected that the “laser arm” with respect to the aether moving direction would be faster.

This experiment underlined that the Ether-Theory wasn’t true. Then what is the Ether-Theory?

It is the idea that the earth “swims” in a hypothetical substance through which electromagnetic waves (like light) travel. The theory goes way back to the philosopher Aristotle.

This is the first part and a really short part of my journey to explain to the Steemit Community the basic concepts and basic experiments in physics. As I try to improve my writing, I realize that I need to explain much more things in detail for instance interferences.

The next post will deal with the special relativity, and I will explain the postulates.

I am also trying to build an internet-site with this kind of texts. I think knowledge should be shared and I am learning way more than I am explaining with these little writings. If anybody wants to help me with doing so feel free to mention it in the comments. I am also thinking about donations to finance the website and books, but I am not quite sure if it is ok to ask for donations on Steem.

-But for now enough with the background information I gave –
As always feel free to correct me

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I hope I do not annoy too many people with the background information I gave. I hope you enjoyed the first part.