DTube #2: How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

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We live in a crazy Universe where movement happens all the time, especially when you go down to Quantum physical levels. Fundamentally, nothing is ever at complete rest. If an object appears to be at rest, looking at this object closer and closer would show us that there is, in fact, a lot of movement occurring. Now, when you sit in a chair to relax, what’s going on around you? How much rest are you actually getting?

Click on the icon below to watch the video: How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

Conclusion of the Video

Whilst you sit in your chair:

  • The Earth is rotating about its axis
  • The Earth is orbiting the Sun
  • The Solar System, as a whole, is milling around in our Milky Way Galaxy
  • The Solar System, as a whole, is orbiting the Galactic Bulge (centre of our Milky Way)
  • The Milky Way Galaxy, as a whole, is flying through Space

Not only is this occurring right this instant, but it occurs at mind blowing speeds, as shown in the video. Next time you go for a rest; try not think about this too much!

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Yeah you are right the earth revolve round the sun on a constant circular speed. We are sitting and sleeping on a moving earth. Nothing is stable


Not just a moving Earth, a moving Galaxy in a potentially moving Universe!

We are all moving at just below soeed of light! ;)

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