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State whether the following statement is True or False.

Two conflicting theories were proposed back in the seventeenth century that explained the nature of light. None of the theories was ever disproven and so both are accepted today as explanations for the nature of light.

This statement is


Back in the 17th century Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton suggested the theory that light is a stream of particles that travel in a straight line. Their theory explained the photoelectric effect where some metals absorbed light and lose electrons as a result but it could not explain why light set up interference patterns from a single source and also why it was able to travel around corners filling up a room. To explain this behaviour Christiaan Huygens and Thomas Young proposed that light behaves like a wave.

Since both theories were correct in their own way, they both remained and light is considered to be wave-like as well as particle-like in nature.

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I loved physics in high school, soo much fun, my favorite class.


You know, I remember it being hard in high school...but I came to love it after I understood it.

interteresting statement. Upvoted from the whalesshares show :)


Thanks for the support @crystalpacheco30

welcome to the team! Nice physics quest!

The statement is TRUE

Now for the problem: relativity and quantum mechanics are fundamentally different theories that have different formulations. It is not just a matter of scientific terminology; it is a clash of genuinely incompatible descriptions of reality.


Yes it's true. This quest is done check out 002 at this link

The statement is TRUE.


Yes it's true. This quest is done check out the next one at this link

When's 3 coming? I want to get my answer in and do some physics. Knowledge is power.


Maybe today. It's a little late.
You should check your answer for 002