SmartStudy Physics Quest 002

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The period of a pendulum (a string with an object at the end) is the time for the object to go from the centre point to the far left, back to the centre point, to the far right and back to the centre point again.

The animation shows a similar movement of the pendulum. If the pendulum takes 0.2 seconds to complete this motion, then the period of the pendulum is 0.2 s.

This is the question.

List all of the following factors that affect the period of this simple pendulum.

A. The mass of the object
B. The length of the string
C. Angles less than 10 degrees
D. Acceleration due to gravity

Use this online simulation from to do your own investigation.

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Animation courtesy Pendulum Lab from

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B, C and D.

Mass will not affect the swing for it offsets itself with gravity. The heavier an object is, the more sluggish it would make the oscillation. Yet the more it is pulled by gravity, the faster it makes the oscillation. The speed decrease and increase perfectly offset each other.

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B, C, D. I know that they use pendulums to find gravity at certain places.


C is wrong. Oopsies. Is it large angles that affects it?

B,C and D