SmartStudy Physics Quest 003 Solution and Payouts

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I’m running behind schedule with the quest because I’ve been taking it easy and also taking it easy writing for @Platforms. I’ve been taking it so easy I haven’t entered the Platforms bounty give away for a while and I let The Steem House Project bounty go right past me. I’ll recover from this go-slow soon. Also as final exams are around the corner I’ll be focussing a bit more on tutoring some students.

Let me get on with the solution for Quest 003.

The question tests whether you know the direction of the conventional flow of current in an electric circuit. Before scientists understood the flow of electrons, they thought that current flowed from the positive side of the battery to the negative side. After they discovered electrons, they understood that electrons flowed from the negative side of the battery (where this is a surplus) to the positive side where there is a shortage. They kept their previous theory and called it the conventional flow of current while holding on to the understanding that the flow of electrons in the circuit is from negative to positive.

The statement
The conventional flow of current is considered to be from negative to positive while the flow of electrons is from positive to negative.

Is False

Congrats to @oyakhs4u the only person with the correct answer. He will receive 0.106 SBD from the author rewards.

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Read more about the SmartStudy Physics Quest here.

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