SmartStudy Physics Quest 004

3년 전

A glass marble falls from a height of 10 m to the ground. There is negligible air resistance, which of the following remains constant during the fall?

A) Acceleration
B) Kinetic energy
C) Speed
D) Velocity


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I'm too late to win, but I guess I'll provide an explanation to why the answer is A from just my brain(I'm bad at physics, don't quote me on anything.
B isn't right because kinetic energy is (mass * velocity2)/2 and velocity increases as it falls down.
C isn't right because as its falling, its getting faster.
D isn't right because velocity is just speed with a direction so it can't remain constant.
That leaves, A, and earth gravity is 9.81 m/s2 and its always constant(or around there).
How wrong was I?


A. Acceleration

A. acceleration

A. Acceleration.

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