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It's a good idea but I cant sign up without a referral and they're not worth anything now.

  ·  작년

You can try register using my referral link above but yes, they are not worth anything now but anyways we don't have to do anything just sign up and they will start mining.


What's your referral code?

  ·  작년


It's a currancy, what is price now in us dollar??


Pi price is currently rated $0. The underlying concept is to reproduce the same kind of effect that Bitcoin has gained - value over time. At this time focus is steered toward having'y persons as.possible get on board. Tomorrow, Pi may just become the new Bitcoin. Of course, I do not speak for the Pi Team: these are my observations as a.contributor on the Pi network.

very good opportunity...

I got the app but I'm a bit of a cracker and it's easy to game their system I tried to get in touch but they did not reply yet ,I still "mine" cuz not much to loose