Discussion on tuning our instruments to 440 and why we need to think twice about it

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2A67FA3C-A38F-48A4-8C5D-E8DBCB62F028.jpegAs some of us know. There is a standardized tuning for instruments which was created around the early 1900s to use A=440 Hz. From my research it came down to some organization of Rockefeller which was involved in adopting the world wide standard tuning and spreading it internationally Before this, instruments were made for the harmonics of different tunings. And according to the master craftsman would build their instruments to their desire.

One great example of harmonica is the priceless stradavarious violins. Which tone and sound is unique in quality and holds a pricey price tag. You would be fooled if you believe it was built around the 440 harmonic sequence, and closer to 432. As I will let you know. Any number in consecutive order such as 111 , 222, 333 , 123, 234, 345, 987, 876, 765, 654 etc is a multiple of 3. It is a trick to mathematics to easily know numbers that are a multiple of 3.

If we study chematics we see there is a language in sound. And that at certain frequency beautiful patterns become very clear. And some frequency create a certain dissonant in the pictures they create.

I would like to hear people’s thoughts on what they think this modern day tuning is affecting us.
I want to write more and explain to you all scientificaly why I believe the 440 tuning is creating a cognitive dissonance in our minds thus making music less appealing to listen to. I know that 99% of all pianos made after the 1920s were built for the harmonica of 440... in a way some say this would be a consipatacy. But I would like to show the facts that are present, mathematically and scientifically.

I will post some other sites that show and explain my argument. And input is extremely encouraged.
On a side not. Know this that all huge music producers, and many famous bands understood this concept of tuning to give them an edge over there listeners. The difference is so subtle yet enough to draw in a huge attraction and following for their music.

Don’t take my word for it. Research it for your self

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Great information here, thank you.

Great post. Love the history of the true tuning!
Power to you.