🌻Home, sweet home🌻

4년 전

Hi dear steemian friends!

This time I just wanted to share with you this picture of my new pillow with these lovely flamingos and my wonderful sunflowers dressing the livingroom.
And of course I want to dedicate it especially to my dear Steemit friend @flamingirl.
With all my love, best regards for you! 🌠PicsArt_02-27-06.15.57.jpg

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Beautiful, I love sunflowers, they are beautiful while bigger, much better, Here I have this beautiful sunflower



Ohh, that's so cute, thank you very much for sharing it! 🤗

Linda la almohada de los flamencos y la fotografía con todos esos efectos de corazones se ve genial.
Saludos @gracesunflower