Foggy ๐ŸŒซ

2๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

One photo of a foggy day in Budva.

The fog was so thick that it covered the entire mountain.


How does fog form?

  • Condensation of water vapor in the air results in fog formation. Condensation begins at a relative humidity of less than 100%, and then fog occurs. Condensation accelerates with further increase in moisture. There is an increase in the already existing droplets and then the fog turns into fog. The relative humidity in the air during fog is between 80 and 100 percent. Even when temperatures are below freezing, the mist still consists of tiny droplets of well-chilled water in the air at the ground crust. Only at temperatures of โˆ’30 ยฐ C do fogs contain a certain amount of ice crystals.

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One time I was hiking in a forest with some friends and it suddenly got very very foggy! I couldn't see anything even if it was right in front of me, and I walked into a tree. :O :D

My friends laughed :)


Hahahahah, sorry, but it's funny to me, too :D