Hotel Pyramid in Vienna


These beautiful sculptures are all in the real size at the hotel where I was staying. If you want to see them live, then you have to go to Vienna at the Pyramid Hotel.




  • The sculptor's works of art have been admired for centuries, and in recent years the concept of making steel wire sculptures has become very popular. Due to its flexible nature, wire is increasingly used in sculpture making, and with it artists have created sculptures that very realistically reflect the human body, nature and animals.

  • Also, some artists in the world have used thin steel wire to create a magical world, created as a product of their imagination, to beautify and bring magic to their city. Some of them have learned the technique of sculpting through the course, while some are self-taught. Read on to find out what their sculptures are made of steel wire.





  • Back in ancient times, sculpture statues delighted people, and today they represent valuable works of art exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, but also beautify open spaces in various cities.

  • Decades ago, sculptors began to adopt a new concept when creating sculptures, finding that steel wire could be great material for making sculptures that look pretty realistic. Today, artists from around the world use steel to make sculptures, which will decorate the parks of the cities in which they live, and are most commonly used by wire to create figures of the human body that authentically mimic the curves and muscles of the body.


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I like the sculptures you shared, made of different materials. You have traveled to many interesting places! :)


Yes I did travel.

I like these sculptures a lot too.