Free Three Pigs - First three comment win

4개월 전


Today Piggericks was launched and I have played some games. It is still in Beta so some small issues... One problem was that I LOOSE vs @pundito...... Good game of you!

I like the game rules so far. I do not like the slow speed and I wish they will fix it soon because the loadingtime is far to much.

The rules are simple - Toss or Stop.... But when you play some more you will see some tactics.

Want some pigs?

First three to comment will get one pig each. Write your hivename.
If you do not have account yet at piggericks you can start it here Just login with your hive-account.
When they ask for refereal you can write "minimining" if you want :-)

More about Piggericks

Read about the game;

Read how to convert ingame currency to ETH:

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Hi Bitandi. I send you a level 1 card !
Lets play !