My Strategy with bonuspigs

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What is a bonuspig?

A bonuspig is a pig that:

  • You can buy in store
  • You can not transfer to other players
  • A pig that will live 1, 3 or 7 days - But longer if you play with it.

So - If I have a 1-day bonuspig I need to play 5 times with it that day. If not - it will expire.

So what is the benefit?

Bonuspigs is cheap to buy. WHen you play Piggericks you get GRUNT (in-game-crypto) as a price. WHen you win you get more then when you loose - and in higher level you get more then in lower level.
SO - I play, I earn grunt and can buy cards. IN that way I do not need real money to buy pigs. Great!

And whats my strategy?

I buy a bonuspig for Grunts and play every round ALWAYS with one bonuspig and one ordinariy.
Because - IF I loose the game I maybe loose pigs. I much rather loose a bonuspig (easy and cheap to buy another one) than an ordinary.
I also only buy 1-day bonuspig.

Why only 1-day pig?

If you know that you will at least play 5 rounds - you do not have to pay for a more expensive pig than this. Thats all.

Do you want a pig - worth 1 USD in shop?

Tell me in comment. In a lot of my blogpost I will give out a pig or two.



Start the game
Just go to
Please use my name as refereal Minimining

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  • You have to follow the blog to see contest and a lot of good stuff

Pick 2-5 pigs that you want to play with.
Start the game
Play vs other players at same level
Toss the pigs - or stand. First to point-level win.

  • You get grunts (in-game-currency) More Grunts in higher levels
  • You will maybe get some pigs
  • Pigs in battle get XP-points, steps to next level


  • You get less Grunts
  • You will maybe loose some pigs
  • No xp points. You will neither loose points.

How to play
Game Tactic
More? Just tell me and I will put more links here

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