Official Communiqué from the Church of Piglet


Stop hiding behind your delegations, engage, and go in peace, or rather, read and resteem The Church of Piglet's Guidelines, and then go in peace, or in anger, as the case may be.

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Yes, this is a repost. Some things bear repeating.

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  ·  작년

I suspect many of them are involved in selling votes and don't want to rock the boat. Mind you there's plenty of abuse going on outside that market. They could deal with that at least


Even if they wanted to, that would be hard to do when most of their SP is tied up in delegations.

  ·  작년

They should be delegating to people like you

BTW you don't need to vote on my comments. Save your vp for the flags


Somehow, we don't expect they will 8-).

  ·  작년

You know, it really boils down to this...

Everytime someone upvotes himself/herself with bots to 1000s of dollars. What you are seeing is.

Whales that upvoted themselves to thousands of dollars, but setup a little mannequin that can take all the insults for them and thus remain "free of wrong doing"

That is why, as much as I understand people flagging shit posts (i do it myself) I don't understand the anger towards the bidbot abuser that much.

I feel like its the equivalent of "hey squirrel... " being done to those who are trying to clean the platform.

I'm not saying let's not flag, i think flags need to be normalized. What I am saying is that we should be focusing on asking for a change, the system is currently not working in a balanced manner.

  ·  작년

oh for clarification... standard right now is: 100% of profits go to delegators.

bidbot operators get only curation. - So.. its 100% like self voting if you do the math, 10 times a day.

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