Hear ye: a somewhat less short message from the High Priest of the Church of Piglet himself


Dearest flock,

It has come to our attention that many Steemians let the size of their votes depend solely on the size of a poster's wallet.

Even some of those who go on and on about how Steemit needs a bigger middle class, how there are no big whale votes anymore, and who constantly talk about how we should stand firm as a community and help each other, and who insist we are all in it together, actually vote like this.

Excuses abound, like: "I don't want to support those who aren't invested". Well, some people have nothing but content to invest, and the idea was that one could build a wallet through posting good content, remember? Remember content?

Another excuse: "I don't want to support someone who is powering down". Well, do you know why that somebody is powering down? Maybe they desperately need money, or are trying to make more Steem by trading. And why does it matter? Does content suddenly become less good or interesting when somebody is powering down?

Some are more forthright, and simply say they vote based on the size of the vote they can expect in return. While cynical and toxic and not at all social, at least this is honest.

Letting the size of your vote depend on the size of a poster's wallet and not on their content is not a righteous way of curating; vote size should depend on how much you like the content or the person posting it.

This is what Steemit was supposed to be about, remember?

Such misguided voting behaviour also, like so many other mechanisms on Steemit, further concentrates wealth with the wealthy, which doesn't help much if you want a thriving middle class to appear. Only a hypocrite could advocate the emergence of a middle class yet vote like this.

I repeat: the only righteous reason to vote, and what should set the size of your vote, is how much you like a person or their content.

Best regards,

The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff.

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Maybe the underlying reasoning is: Why suck ass on a broke motherfuka?

There's a slider?


I've never figured out how to use it.

  ·  작년

It goes sideways.

  ·  작년

I would use "pear-shaped" for Steem. Matter of taste, mind.

  ·  작년

I actually remember having one.

  ·  작년

My vote may inversely depend on their wallet size. I'll tend to give smaller votes to those who have more. The curation rewards are irrelevant. I don't care whether they are powering down and won't even check that. My vote is not going to affect if something trends, but can encourage a minnow to stick with steemit.

I like some content but them I figure out that people are running a scam or lying so I get careful.

I just watched someone build up his following with social posts and now he posts crappy advertisement posts. It looks like a scam artist. It is really bizarre.

Totally agree with all you've said above. This is similar to something I had addressed yesterday!

Hey there piglet. I just came over because the name caught my attention.
Guess I came for the name and stayed for the content.
I am hoping to one day worm my way into that middle class. It is way easier to throw in a few dollars now and then. I do still have hopes of earning at least some of my sp.
I think the returning the favor part is the biggest hurdle for getting started.
Maybe leasing some sp is the answer.
You keep preaching it Piglet Maybe your ivy staff will lead the way to a more balanced system in future days.

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I gave 100% vote, I can haz vote 4 vote now plz?


We are far too poor principled to indulge in such things.