A GIFT FROM MY BOSS – 14th day of February 2018

3년 전


Hi Steemians,

It is unusual to me or to a person like me to receive a red rose flower, chocolate and stuff toy as a simple gift from my boss. It’s been 8 years that I always received every valentine’s day this kind of gift. For me it’s not only a gift that I received, it’s an appreciation for accepting me even who I am. It is truly come from a heart despite of not being perfect.


I would like to say thank you Lord for the 8 years of staying in this company (Citiscape LLC). For the ups and down and for all the problems that I encounter.


Thank you very much my Dear Boss for your trust and for expressing your effort. Thank you for the knowledge and experience that you shared to me.

It is a simple thing but full of meaning.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog.



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hi @noahinigo, its not surprise it is yearly... every valintines day...:)

that was so sweet of your boss. he knows how to look after his staff.
i love that patchi, my favourite chocolate!


hello @sherylneil... it is true... he is very sweet.... we the same favorite.... i love patchi too...:)

It shows that your boss appreciates you, you are one of luckiest person in your office. It can describe in the simple way as a good boss is better than a good company because only the boss can helps and sees you not your company.


very well said ...@chuavincent...:)

I really like this post gilvelosoreyes!

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