OFW Bonding @ Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi - UAE

3년 전

Hi Steemians,

Friday and Saturday is the normal off of all OFW here in United Arab Emirates. It is the best time to chill, relax and unwind.


Most of my barkada’s and flat mate’s should have a lot of plan to go. We have a choice to go to Beach for swimming, barbeque bonding in a Park, going to gym and to join in some Sport activities.


Let me share to all of you our bonding in the beautiful place of Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  

Take a look for some photos below of my barkada’s and flat mates.



We are hoping to set a plan and to go in some other beautiful places here in UAE.  Hoping that it will be possible soon.  We are updating only our schedules and the availability of others.  


I am encouraging all of you to visit this place. Especially to all my friends out there and to our dear kababayan. To avoid our homesick, take time to have a restday instead of going to malls.

Happy Steemit!


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great post, gilvelosoreyes as usual!


hello @five34a4b, thank you very much for always supporting me.... cheers...;)

beautiful view... enjoy po...:)

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Oh my god ang lamig ng swimming nyo hahaha! Nice bonding anyway 😃😃

enjoy sir. regards po

Missing my body 😱


@nuedareniel, payatola body...:)

Wow nice bonding mga bro sarap ng foods nyo.


@chuavincent, minsan join ka sa amin...:)