PILLAR (PLR) is expected rise as Bitcoin completes correction

3년 전

IF demand for Pillar (PLR) is above the rate of change for Bitcoin price, PLR/BTC could rise as BTC completes its correction.

YouTube Link:

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Pillar made me massive profits already based off your initial recommendation. Im looking forward to building my position after this correction. Thank you as always for your guidance.

this is what I expected because a lot of coins will be rising along with bitcoin.

bitcoin value is decreasing :(


Why did you kill Michael Jackson?


I did not kill Michael Jackson. I am an anesthesia technician. :) :) propofol a medication I use when applying anesthesia :D


That is good. Can't wait to get BTC at $9k or lower.

Hi Haejin thanks for all your effort and support you do for us we always looking for your post thanks again , i hope you not pay attention to any crazy people keep it up .

Here is the chart from the video:

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.00.04 PM.png

Been holding PLR since the ICO and bought even more during one of the post-ICO dips. HODLing this one for the long term.

For anyone interested I did a post about a week ago showcasing a sneak preview of their coming token wallets design and functionality.

Sneak Preview: The Pillar (PLR) Universal Crypto Token Wallet (Phase 1 of 4)!

I think wallet #2 (ICO wallet) is going to be the real game changer in a few months time. Should be interesting!

really you work great thank you for inform us

PLR will launch it's wallet febr/march so a move up is expected.

All time All prediction is not follow graph.
Mind it

Hey Haejin!

Keep up with great work!! I like your reports.

Would you mind looking into the VTC (vertcoin)... please? :)



I will keep a close watch nearby to see if your assertions turns green @haejin

I'm excited for PLR's future! I'm buying and just waiting for future to catch up.