Christmas Pudding

6개월 전

The snow has fallen overnight leaving a few meters deep of ice all around Browneartopia. This hadn't prevented Spiky and his two assistants, Dietrich and Cornelius to go out and scout for pumpkins to decorate for the Halloween. It was a chilly early morning when they left. Pinky was home inside their cozy tree lodge busy in the kitchen while the little ones, Betsy and Victor are sleeping upstairs. Soon the three came back with a nice collection of pumpkins. Big, small, curved and with beautiful autumn colors. They are all hungry now after that long walk. From a distance Spiky could smell the delicious aroma of what seems to be a Christmas pudding. So they hurried to go back home excited for their breakfast
Well, Pinky is done in the kitchen. The door of their lodge swung open. The nice aroma is filling the cabin and happiness is quite obvious on Pinky's face. What a labor of love it is. Too bad no Christmas pudding on the table but potato dumplings. So what's for breakfast? Spiky asked himself quietly as he didn't want to burst the bubble of Pinky.

Hey Pinky and Spiky fans hope you like my entry for the 135th round of this contest. If you might have noticed the two backgrounds that I used for this entry are from my previous posts. I find them cute and nice and decided to use them again. Pinky and Spiky deserve them in my opinion. So here they are becoming the setting for my comics entry. I Hope that you enjoyed reading my post. Feel free to give it a heart if you like 😊

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