Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 104: Getting Hauptwerk Virus / Recibiendo el virus Hauptwerk (ENG- ESP)

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This comic is mi entry to @organduo contest´s. If you want to participate here---> the original post.

"Hauptwerk is a computer program, available from Milan Digital Audio, designed to allow the playback or live performance of pipe organ music using MIDI and recorded sound samples. The program is a commercial product and is available as a monthly subscription or a perpetual license." from wikipedia

JADE 1.jpg

Esta caricatura es mi entrada al concurso de @organduo. Si deseas participar aqui---> el post original.

Explanation of the cartoon: in Venezuela when we are very excited about something, we usually say that: we have a fever for ... So when it comes to the new spiky program (Hauptwerk), emotion overcomes it more than the virus it has when being sick.

"Hauptwerk es un programa informático, disponible en Milan Digital Audio, diseñado para permitir la reproducción o la interpretación en vivo de música de órgano de tubos utilizando MIDI y muestras de sonido grabadas" definición traducida de Wikipedia"

JADE 1.jpg

Step by Step // Paso a paso:


First I drew by hand with black markers in white papers, Second I scanned and colour in Adobe Photoshop program... Finally, I put some shadows, for looks more pleasant.

JADE 1.jpg

Primero dibujé a mano con marcadores negros en papeles blancos, Segundo escaneé y coloreé en el programa Adobe Photoshop... Finalmente, puse algunas sombras, para que se vea más agradable.

JADE 2.jpg

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