Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest 85



The End Of Pinky's Vacation

Hello pinky and spiky fans,

Here is my entry to the pinkyandspiky drawing contest of @organduo and @laputis, the theme this week is about the end of vacation for Pinky. Who doesn't miss a great vacation? Pinky enjoyed her time off from school so much up to the point that she now misses it and daydreams about the beautiful place even during her class. Here on my comics I depicted her with a dreamy set of eyes thinking about that wonderful vacation beach place she went to.

Hope you like it


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I love the way you’ve drawn this! The cute little instrument and wobbly notes.

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😉 Thank you so much

!organduo 500 This little mouse is adorable...


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Yes indeed. Thank you

Good your post


Thank you

Very good contest friends. Good jhob


Thank you


Good bro

keep up the good work fellow!👍❤️❤️


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