Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 85


Hello friends, fans of pinky and spiky, or lovers of funny and colorful comics. I don't know, there are so many possibilities why I'm here, maybe curiosity.

This is my entry for this fun contest. This week's theme is Pinky's return to teaching, as her vacation is over. Please, hope Pinky enjoyed it a lot and has recharged energies.

I hope you like it, you know that clothes are a point that I like to draw this pair of friends, and today I put Spiky one of those super spicy and uncomfortable sweaters that sometimes give us for Christmas, there are some good ones, if you It makes the skin irritate is not of good quality hahahaha.


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I send you some CC for your try to using it. ;-) Nice Pinky and Spiky Post. :-) Have a good Day.


Hey, thank you very much, really!


You are welcome. ;-)

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