Mystery of the Hudson’s Bay Company Silver Medal

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects” ~ The Bloody Raven

Another major coin show score! The second item of the Coin show booty I was just as excited to get this coin, or on second look a round that eventually turned out to be a medal. There was very little information available on this magnificent piece. Yet, this has some great vintage feel to it as I get into the research.

First let’s see this big medal close up.

Reverse: The Nonsuch

0.925 Sterling Silver, 39 grams, 45mm diameter
Mintage: Unknown but COA numbers are four digit maximum of 9999.

Is it cold enough for you Governor? ~ The unofficial First Polar bear swimmer.

This English Trade ship traveled into Hudson’s Bay in 1668 was tasked to find and establish a suitable central location to open the Fur Trade in new region. The adventurous Frenchmen Groseillier & Radisson believed in an alternate sea route to reach the Fur rich lands of the expansive continent and thus avoiding the arduous travel over rugged terrain.

The Nonsuch, captained by Zachariah Gillam, reached the southern tip of James Bay on September 29th,1668 while the accompanying ship, The Eaglet along with Mr. Radisson, was forced to turn back due to stormy weather.

The men of the Nonsuch pulled their Ketch out of the freezing waters and built a cabin to winter down at the shore of James Bay. Come the following spring the crew traded with the local Cree Indians before returning to England in October 1669 with a cargo of furs. The venture was not quite profitable but the fact that there was now a proven sea access to these fur bearing grounds validated Radisson and Groseillier’s sea route theory and garnered more support from their eager investors. King Charles II thereby granted the Charter for the Hudson’s Bay Company on May 2nd,1670.


Beginning with the Hallmark this medal was not a Canadian Mint product.

This shot wasn’t easy using a Smartphone camera

The Hallmarks from left to right:

JP for John Pinches Ltd
British Lion, Hallmarked Sterling
Leopard head - Made in London
Styled Capital Letter A for 1975

John Pinches learned metal engraving from his cousin William Taylor and in 1840 before John Pinches Medalist was established in London. Since striking the Commemorative for opening of the Crystal Palace in 1854 became a prominent producer of medals.

The John Pinches Medalist was changed into a company to the name John Pinches Medalist Limited in 1940 until up 1969 when it was acquired by the Franklin mint. Even after the sale of the company to the Franklin mint, the John Pinches name was still used on the products from the same London factory for some time after 1974.

So this medal was Issued as part of the BRITISH MARITIME HISTORY commemorative series of 100 medals in 1974.


Map of Hudson Bay by Rishabh Tatiraju under CCO 1.0

Nonsuch’s Crew compliment of 12; Captain Zachariah Gilliam, Mr. Groseillier, two ship’s mates, a surgeon, and 7 crew members.

In 1968 The Hudson’s Bay Company ordered a full sized replica built by J. Hinks and Son shipyard, in Appledore, England in celebration for the 1970 Hudson’s Bay Company’s 300 year anniversary. When the Replica was completed she was transported by MV Halifax City to Canada. After sailing both coasts and the great lakes the 1970 Nonsuch donated to the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg where she now on permanent display.

The Nonsuch “Unequalled”
The Nonsuch arriving to Belleville Ontario July 1970 by Community Archives under CCO 1.0

Year built: 1650 Type: Ketch, Length 54 Feet (16 m), Draught: 6.7 feet (1.8 m)

The original was built at Wivenhoe Essex England in 1650 Originally as a merchant vessel. 1654 saw this ship in the Royal Navy, captured by the Dutch in 1658, recaptured by the Royal navy in 1660, and 1667 sold out of the Royal Navy and finally purchased by the Expedition Investors from Sir William Warren in 1668.

As a Royal Navy vessel she would be armed with 6 two Pounder smooth bore cannons with a crew compliment of 24.

And for my Banknote friends

1960 Bank of England One Pound

P 374a L.K O’Brian signature variety, One Pound, Queen Elizabeth II


1, One Pound, allegory of Britannia

I hope you enjoyed this medal feature, thank you for stopping by for a read.


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

John Pinches Mint
John Pinches Mint
The HMS NonSuch
Nosuch 1650 ship
Silver collection hallmarks
Last known sale at


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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WOW! 39 grams is pretty healthy sized coin. I've always found it cool to look up all the hallmarks like that. It tells the story of the coin. And that was hard to get shot and awesome close up of them! Keep it Piratey!


It was a fun exercise in doing the research. Here's the final original shot of a dozen attempts to get the sharpest in focused shot.

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What a fantastic and large silver round piece of coin show pickup!!! And it is a beautiful specimen of the Nonsuch Hudson Bay silver round. Congratulations, sis @kerrislravenhill!!! That is one fabulous find, and that one silver round alone is worth your trip, plus of course the experience and excitement of the coin show!

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I've done current and completed auction searches on Ebay, some known other European, English auctions, and found 3 others. Punky's Dad hasn't seen any other. This medal could be much rarer than we think. A rare gem I think, though I can't substantiate it any further and if there are more they would be more common in Great Britain. Just wait until you see the next coin. Malta!

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I am certainly looking forward to it, my stacking sis, @kerrislravenhill! Congratulations again on your acquisition.. it is definitely a keeper and an outstanding addition to your stack and collection.🥰😍😘

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Very awesome round.....Dam I’m jealous


Dam lucky to find it even if the dealer charged me $20 CAD over spot price. I was only able to shave off a few bucks. Definitely Vintage silver by the all metrics. I wonder where the remaining 99 medals went?

Way to ADD some Great SILVER History to your Stack @kerrislravenhill


Tis the 'Play within the play' sir. Entertainment, education, and perhaps a wee bit of satire make for a properly balanced article. And pictures are a must. If only Shakespeare had a Steemit account.

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Love it! The silver is gorgeous! Such a nice find. And you sure went into the history, didn't you? It can be so neat looking into the past and finding treasure there.


This kind of article is partly inspired by members of the local Numismatic society as I have had a few opportunities to attend in the past. Many of the senior members are more like Historians with coins than that of coin collectors. They have a life long passion of the hobby that goes beyond collecting.

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The Queen has lots of Her Money, spread out, all over the World...

Do you think She knows something, that perhaps we don't...???
September 23, 2019... 3.0 Hollywood Time...


We know her family have long plundered numerous countries all over the world for centuries and to cry about not having enough cash is Cow Poop. Canada has been sending $50 million a year to the Royal family to keep their cushy castles warm and staffed. They hid their wealth all over the world, Switzerland, maybe the Cayman islands, The Bahamas? But most likely in their own banking center that make up a handful of city blocks called The City of London, as to differ from London itself. Oh secrets do they keep?

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May the Trade winds carry yea to bountiful waters.

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