Let it Snow

2년 전

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Hi Guys,

Original @Boyerobert here.

Daily photo talk, snapped off this video today. Stay tuned for more awesome moments captured by your's truly @boyerobert

Video was taken with my iPhone

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Share with friends, have fun, and enjoy the day!!

Best regards,


Photos - GuruShpts - https://goo.gl/CjjMjy

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Just beautiful, and so relaxing!

Where are you? That really is stunning.

The quality of this shot is so nice and well captured it almost doesn't look real!
It's been raining here the past couple of days so almost all of our snow is gone :(

@boyerobert, when it snows it always seems so peaceful. I run a photocontest as well called Photo Fun Contest and maybe you would like to enter this week, the theme is Black and White. I will attach a link for just in case you would like to join in the fun - https://steemit.com/phototalent/@claudiaz/photo-fun-contest-week-32-black-and-white-photography