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Isnt this all just a conspiracy theory? I've heard about it but from what I heard it was just rumors and conjecture.

Hi Nathan, I'm not sure if you saw this when it occurred back in February at the Oscars but it is worth bringing back into the publics attention, considering all that is going on now. Hollywood's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences put the 8 year old daughter of a terrorist from Syria in the center of their #MeToo related main Oscars performance. The video is definitely worth a watch as it ties in with all that is going on now, including US and UK support for murderous terrorists in Syria, the White Helmets ruse and Hollywood/elitists child exploitation. It is quite important that the public be woken up to the provable very dark nature of all of this in my opinion. Hopefully you can share it with your discerning audience. Best regards.

#Oscars2018 Real verifiable child exploitation conducted by Hollywood- Story of Bana Alabed - Hollywood Caught Exploiting Eight Year Old Daughter of Terrorist in Syria For Women's Empowerment Movement at Oscars 2018 Ceremony

I also want to inform your readers that I am admin for WhiteHelmetsExposed on Twitter where I post up all the latest information on the devastating war on Syria and support for terrorists by western, Gulf State and Israeli countries.
Best regards and big thanks for doing what you do.

Q has proven so many times that he/she is working directly with President Trump. Since Q = Trump, you only have to decide if you think Trump is working for the good guys or the bad guys. IMO, he has made all the right enemies. The MSM is the enemy of the American people. Take the red pill.

So glad to have found your show we need more balance in the alternative media movement and I find the Alt right tiresome at times and wasn't pleased to see them and others break the left, right paradigm originally, part of me believes once alternative media became so large it was time to ground and co-opt the movement the same way the Republican's took over the Tea Party from the Libertarians. When you finally get to hear interviews with Sarah I believe it has the potential to be off the hook explosive, especially if things are worse off than even the conspiracy facts have pointed out overtime, I'm new to Steemit so if anyone else reads this feel free to add me!

Hello Lift the Veil,

How are you today?

Remember the interview, first call from Q SOURCE X on your video recently?

Please visit the following link:


There you will find all you need to know about Q SOURCE X.

Did you find anything on Fukushima after our discussion on the live show?

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CICADA 3301 - Lestat Exposes Fake Q & Defends Q SOURCE X!!

Mother liberty beckons....

Pertaining to fake Q, posted here:

DTube | Who Is Q? The "Event" #QAnon

See this:

The Fake Q-Anon from Q-Research Flow-Chart Illustrated.

Where We Go One, We Go All!

Where We Go One Following Fake Q, We Go ALL!!


Q Anon - Isaac Kappy - John Ashcraft Connection - Claim to Fame Exposed.

Hey there Nathan, Youtube comments disabled, Found you here to say I am loving the Tiffany FitzHenry interview.
Great work lately all around.