The spend night in a cemetery

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Hey my friend Steemians,The grave is one of the last resting places for people who have died.
All humans will be buried into the ground after their lives are over, there are indeed some teachings that burn the dead body and then the dust will be thrown into the sea..

Thus it can be concluded that the grave is one of the haunted places above the world which makes many people afraid of it.


Many ghost sightings occur in the cemetery and make some people never pleased to see it.
Various ghost sightings have been witnessed by humans as they pass through the burial area, ranging from headless ghosts, ghostless legs, kuntilanak, pocong and various other forms of horror ghosts.

But this does not apply to some people who have high levels of courage like us.The grave is not one of the most frightening places for us, although sometimes we can see various ghostly sightings..

we were used to staying in the graves of people who had just died to read the Al-Quran and Dhikr prayed for the deceased..

For us, there is nothing worth fearing except only to Allah alone ...

Thank you.


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