Plagiarism, DON'T DO IT!

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Plagiarism may be a reason why you are being downvoted. Steemit recognizes that plagiarism is abusive and in many cases illegal, there is zero-tolerance. The Steem community and the internet are widely against plagiarism, ReggaeSteem does not reward or tolerate plagiarized content either!

You may have read my WARNING post targeted at spammers and abusive posters, plagiarism is abuse.


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism: the act of taking someone else's work and using it as your own. In other words, failing to get permission and/or providing an accurate source for content you did not create is a type of theft. says it much better than I ever could here. that infamous site that teachers use to catch lazy students identifies 10 types of Plagiarism TLDR: Rehashing someone's work, improperly citing, paraphrasing and copying with limited changes is plagiarism.

Why is Plagiarism Bad?

The same reason theft is bad, this isn't an ethical debate. Intellectual property rights laws (copyright, trademarks, patents, etc.) exist to protect people's work much like property laws exist to protect material wealth. Borrowing someone's work without their permission is like taking someone's money without their permission. Leaving a note (source citation, quotation, etc.) saying you took it doesn't necessarily make it okay either. Who would be cool if they found a note in their parking spot which read "borrowed your car"?

How To Avoid Plagiarism

  • Create your own content. Using your own photos, your own words, your own experiences is the simplest way to avoid being accused of plagiarism.
  • Form your own opinion from multiple sources or personal experiences and never copy & paste.
  • Obtain permission before using photos. Notice how many bloggers use stock photos? is a great source for free photos. Using a photo from a random website and accurately sourcing could be plagiarism if you don't have their explicit permission!
  • Provide sources and use quotations. If it isn't common knowledge, let us know where you obtained the information. Using statistics, figures, obscure facts, or anything that would have required someone's research without crediting them is theft.

How to find royalty-free images with Google: Tools > Usage Rights > Labeled for Reuse

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 12.40.39.png
Source ;)

ReggaeSteem on Plagiarism

We recognize that intellectual property rights laws may vary across different jurisdictions but have zero-tolerance for plagiarism, theft or fraud on ReggaeSteem. ReggaeSteem does not reward or promote plagiarism; if you think your work has been plagiarized, or a poster has plagiarised someone else's work, please report it. ReggaeSteem rewards content creators not content copiers! In no way do we endorse the use of another person's work without giving proper credit.

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Maybe the reggaesteem team and ambassadors could carry out due diligence on these accounts in the ambassador discord and come to consensus about muting bad actors? I appreciate what this post is trying to do, but it is either not read or is being played by the offending accounts. Meanwhile posts about spam or plagiarism are appearing at number one or number two on the trending page ... our shop window to the external world. While I am very happy to talk to potential investors and contributors about the realities of growing a business on the blockchain, I'd prefer that the challenges are not highlighted on the trending page over and above all the fabulous irie posts that the community is creating.

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We are carrying out due diligence and take plagiarism seriously. When there is a suspicious post, it is run through plagiarism detection applications and sources are requested and checked. While I agree that the post payouts for this should not overshadow the fine work of others, it's an important statement. If there is an issue in the future, where someone wishes to shut down Reggaesteem because they think we reward theft, this post is a permanent record on the blockchain about the position and action being taken from the start. Furthermore, there is your attestation that it was trending and the community noticed this so it can't be said we hid it in the fine print or back pages.

The problem is as the token gains traction we have attracted a few people who are not here for the right reasons. There was a recent large influx of plagiarised posts and I wanted to let everyone know why some posts were downvoted so others won't be afraid to post here if they are adding value. I will flag all plagiarism and this post is the only warning. We stand by content creators and artists. These Warning posts won't be repeated as the position won't be changed. I hope that excerpts from this post are eventually put into an FAQ. I can't think of anything else that needs to be declared at this point so you won't see something trending like this again anytime soon.

Risk mitigation is an important consideration when growing a business. The blockchain, unfortunately, attracts a lot of unethical players who think they are anonymous. Some tribes don't care what happens, there is next to no regulation and the only thing they are manipulating is the price of their tokens. What attracts me to ReggaeSteem is that the team is ethical, they are playing by the rules and they are trying to grow something real.

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Plagiarism and Scamming are the two things on Steem with 0 tolerance in ant decent community.

There are so many good sites to use and its even possible to do an advanced search on google for photos tagged as free to use. Even if it is free, best to still try and source and say its not yours.


It's pitiful that people enter a community and immediately try to cheat. The fact that you are expecting to earn rewards for work that is not yours makes it even worse. We are upvoting most half-decent content right now, it doesn't have to be earth-shattering.

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Give em an inch, they plead ignorance while trying to take a mile, then new account and do it all iver. A pathetic way to earn a living.

Can I use some of your information for our discord steemterminal where all the new accounts are helped with advice ? @crypticat @steemterminal


As long as it is for anti-plagiarism purposes. Absolutely.

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Offcourse we see do much of that every day with our new steemians who enter the platform via INTRODUCEYOURSELF and it’s not knowing how, where and how much. So if we can educate at the start we hope that we won’t need steemcleaners 😉 I will tag untouched in the blog and thanks we cannot adress this as often as we can
Have a great day
Gr. From Holland 🇳🇱

This article is spot on. Resteemed. We all need to vote our sources. Respect.

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It's all about respect.

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Thank you for your support!

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Plagiarism is something we should all shun on here. Plagiarism kills a community and as such, it shouldn't be taken with levity hand. In full support of this.

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Great, I expect everyone who posts on ReggaeSteem to support this.

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@crypticat, This Knowledge Transfer Blog is very much appreciable and time to time these subjects should be highlighted because it's important to value the content and work of others. If we are not using our work then it should be mentioned very clearly so that we are not taking other's value without their Consent.

Keep doing the good work and stay blessed.

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That's a great word you use there, consent.

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👍 👍

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Am in full support of this, but I've noticed that despite all this, some accounts are still set on downvoting others, like the calisteemer account.



check out the profiles on some are downvote bots.
they scammy users belonging to people trying to steel the curation rewards, when you downvote meter is on 0% it starts using your upvote power.

Some even seem to have curation downvote trails on users.


Forget troll downvoters, those are worthless anyways and don't hurt. I suppose the issue of spamming micro downvotes will be taken care of in a future hard fork just because it is annoying.

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you get parasites on plants, in bodies, on birds in the air, even insects get them in real life, so why would it be any different in a social network or the machine, they are like parasites that need to be dealt with.

I mean how do you see IT is IT this we are using right now or is IT that what you see outside?

Or is IT a clown?

I totally agree with your article and also I hope people will wake up to stay away from plagiarism.

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In these platforms one of the basic rules is not to commit PLAGIO! Now whoever believes that he is going to do it and will not be discovered, is very wrong.
Recently I was accused of plagiarism, if it bothered me, because I was sure of what I do.

If you want this is my post with which I was unfairly accused.

Then in view of this I made another one with my proofs that the photos used are my property:

I was asked in a very polite way to send my photos to an email which was what I did immediately, they did a forensic investigation if same type television, where they realize the authenticity of my photo, which then made a post of how it was the forensic investigation, being the first case in which it verifies the authenticity of a post of a user, where I am given my credit that the photo is my property, this is the post of the investigation:

Now when I use fonts that are not mine I place their SOURCE, with the Pixabay if true is a great help, but sometimes I find it difficult to get the images to support my post, like in the other tool.

A tip if they gave me that even if I have a fountain, do not place images that have watermark.

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Sounds like quite the endeavour, glad you made it out of there.

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Because I proved with evidence the authenticity of my work.

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Good point @crypticat and sadly it is a one glove fits all, we got taken to the cleaners! @steemcleaners for not including a source / link to a meme.

It's all fun and games until it happens to you, most people will eat crap or smoke or punish their bodies until sometime goes wrong or breaks.

Try learn from other peoples mistakes?
Rep went from 42 to 11 from a single post.
ahhh well guess will have to earn the rep again slowly the correct way.

Include links and references to sources, keep supply chains clean and transparent!



Can't be too careful. Brief posts don't help either, gotta be careful when posting just memes, it's not popular with everyone here and is considered low quality by some.

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Great, call me a naughty boy.
😂 don't mind me, invest into high entropy!

I'm glad there are humans as you, that are trying to help hold and grow some form of quality and integrity within the steemit blockchain, some more @randoms stuff is going to happen, you should check out my mate @decentric hes also part of the @entropyfamily.

I'm glad that the focus is on quality and there seem to be no bias even if its pornography or strange or explicit content as long as there is source to it and the active steemit community seems to prefer original source which I find to be one of its strongest sources of value.

We should try share this understanding with users that copy and paste but also encourage them to create!!

Things might get interesting when there is malicious or destructive behaviour but I could assume this to be the case in any community or space?

Or will you just stand there and watch?

HELL I WONT! especially with children and animals involved.

[image source:]


You must know I've been watching you for a while, seen your posts in the school.
Great content and feedback you create in the steemit community, there is real value in a place like this!

There is some amazing stuff happening on steemit you just have to get off your ass and go find it. If you need an easter egg or some bread crumbs to find your way home, I would recommend starting at @schoolofminnows.

This started as a comment but it's almost turned into a post so I'm going to post it also but also share the source to this, lets start creating feedback loops of value within the steemit blockchain @crypticat!

don't mind me or any @randoms
sometimes might be a freak, weird or scary but trust I'm harmless as so is the rest of the @entropyfamily.

Interesting publication friend @crypticat

Most people who enter this platform know that copy and paste is not good in any field, and that comes, as you say, from academic training.

A lot, often like they find it hard to think, to stop and create something that really comes out of themselves.

And the easy way out is plagiarism, believing that you will go unnoticed and get away with theirs. Many times they do, but there is nothing honest about it.

It should be punished, I agree with that, there should be penalization for those cases in which it is detected.