Yesterday I had the news that someone (I really do not know who or who they are) had marked my post Parque Avellaneda as plagiarism.

In a few hours I went from surprise to disbelief, then to anger and finally to the enormous sadness to which a great injustice can lead.


I was thinking a lot about what to say, what to put, if I defend myself, if I attack, if I ignore them or if I just leave the platform and dedicate myself to something else.

Finally I chose to tell my truth and take some time to decant so many conflicting emotions and then decide, more reflexively what I will do.

What I am going to say is the following: the history, whether of a country, a region or a city is not the heritage of a web page, absolutely not, the information that I put on historical facts of that park is available in several sites, books and even the brochure that gives visitors to the Olivera's house. They are dates, names and acts that are of PUBLIC DOMAIN and also have a chronological order determined by the same story, if anyone thinks that putting this data is plagiarism I sincerely believe that it is totally wrong.

The meaning of my publication was to show with the photos I took on that day, the beauties, characteristics and areas of fun and recreation that the place has. I never intended to steal from a web page or a booklet or even a book four or five pieces of information that, on the other hand, are NOT your property, but rather a collection of historical facts about the inhabitants of the city and its neighbors.

I will not speculate or draw conclusions about the meaning of this failure, nor about the way in which a measure is taken without even listening to the other party.

I thank all those who in different ways have expressed their support and solidarity.

End of story.


Héctor Gugliermo



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  ·  작년

Good night @hosgug, I also think like you it's not plagiarism to want to write or say things about some person, place, animal or anything that other people have already done, it's just to want to highlight or describe the characteristics that seem important to us of something we like.

I think it was all those pesky dates and historical facts you included.


There we go. This should pass the FaceBook @steemcleaners censorship (bias).

They never used to attack good content, what the hell?

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  ·  작년

Congrats @hosgug - you have 449 people who said that your other post was not plagiarism. Well I am not sure how reliable that is, but I saw it somewhere.


You’re full of fucking shit. You think 449 people read that trash? Fuck, you’re a moron.

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De verdad que no entiendo, por que toman acciones injustas.

The reason you got the flag and called out by @steemcleaners is probably because you didn't cite or include a link where similar or the same content is posted. Maybe, if you edit in a link to an official page about the park that shows the same info, and then contact steemcleaners they might remove the flag.

I think they use an automatic similarity detection engine (the cheetah bot) and later some real person checks whether the bot is right. In this case, obviously the person do not speak spanish at a functional level...

The cheetah bot marked my posts as suspected of plagiarism... from my own accounts in other social networks! That's why now I add a list of my accounts at the end of all posts

Sometime some shit happen in life, you were just not at the good moment, and someone use it, maybe they have been watching you and expect you to do make a single mistake to make the action. You just need to be more careful next time my friend @hosgug

You get an attack, and you have deflected it, maybe in your story there are many things that are the same as others, many people experience this, I see some of them pull it back.

the people "policing" steemit platform can sometimes go off a tangent.
Old jokes that have been circulated for donkey years are also cited as plagiarism. I really think the platform should self-regulate... and censorship should not exist...