PLANKTON TOKEN BOUNTY: Tell us what you think about PLKN and win rewards!

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Hi, people of Steemit!

We just made our introduction post to Steemit 3 days ago, tell us what you think about our project. Link to post is below:

Plankton Token Intro Post

Tasks for this bounty are as follows:

  • Follow @plankton.token
  • Resteem this post
  • Tell us what you think about the Project
  • Provide feedback and suggestions, if you have any

The Plankton Token is building its community of Planktons in Discord and we want to introduce a fun way to gather all of us there. We are calling all Plankton holders to join us in the Official Plankton Token Discord Server and enjoy daily rains of different cryptocurrencies and other perks like games, raffles and lottery! Also, you may support the Plankton Token Project by buying and holding the PLKN Tokens in the Steem Engine Dex here: PLANKTON

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Seriously, only one person got it?

Resteemed & Followed. I wish you well with the future of this worthwhile project 💪🏽

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Thank you for your input! Have a nice day!

Slow and steady wins the race.
Im sure the success is on the way.
Plankton is cool.

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Thank you for checking us out, @coolguy222!

I will support this project because this project is focusing on the growth of planktons. I know how difficult it is to establish yourself here on steemit.
With no support at all it is very obvious to giveup in the initial days. Some motivation from the group will be amazing. It will help the community to grow. Because more the users stronger is the platform. This will definitely help retain the user base.
Thanks for this initiative.

My suggestion would be to allow supporting the project via SP delegation. Provide plankton tokens to delegators. Then introduce dividend for token holders so that people retain the token and the supply and demand algorithm applies.


Noted, thanks for the input. Have a nice day!

I did the resteem. I liked it . I plan to participate in the project as soon as possible. These projects can make us whale. I support your project with all my strength.


Thank you, we are looking forward to have you on board. Please follow this account for more updates and join us in Discord for games and a lot of perks! Have a nice day!

Followed and Resteemed.
I for one think any project that supports members to achieve their goal on this blockchain is great. No man is an island and I think the more supportive communities we have the better for the blockchain. I am the initiator of a supportive community as well called @upvotebuilders, the advice or suggestion i"ll like to offer are:

  1. You should be as transparent as you can be, things may not work according to how you plan it but if you let it out in the open so that members understand the challenges then you'll get their support.
  2. Accept suggestions that are great and above what you yourself thought of, some of the things we are doing now at @upvotebuilders are suggestions from members that I didn't even think of and is working very fine now.
  3. Do not rush to be successful, as long as you are doing the right things success will come.
  4. Hard work is very important, you may be tire sometimes to post, but remember a lot of people are counting on you so you have to give it your extra.
  5. Take criticism as a piece of advice you have to work on. Understand constructive criticism and destructive criticism. For the constructive criticism ask for help on a way forward.
    There are loads of stuff to say but I think these ones are ok.
    You'll have a great community because there are loads of members that fall into this category, as long as they see the results, you'll get more buy ins'. Good luck my dear friends, I wish you guys success.

Indeed, we will take note of all these things you shared, these all look like valuable lessons. Best of luck with your project, too! Have a nice day!

Plankton Token is a good work....
upvote and resteemit...


Thank you, we appreciate your trust and support.

Upvoted and resteemed!

Big fan of @mermaidvampire and the projects she/he supports.

I think the biggest challenge will be finding and engaging with rising talent.

One suggestion I have is to grant tokens to those who find and recommend new talent to join the program. Such as if you recommend a new blogger, and they post for seven days in a row, the person who recommended them as well as the blogger get tokens as part of a reward. This will then allow you to keep growing the plankton base and support the curating of rising talent.

That's just my thought. I'm excited that I hold some plankton token already look forward to the future!!!

Please let me know how it can be of assistance in the furthering of this program.


Brilliant idea. We will have a Rising Plankton of the Week poll, we can incorporate this idea to that. Like, someone has to nominate and earn something when that person wins. Thank you for the support! We appreciate you.

It is a good initiative all that is contributing the team in charge behind the work of Plankton Token, I have faith in you. For now I have bought very few tokens, but soon I will buy more.


Thank you, we will do our best to give value to the token and to make sure our market goes green as much as possible. We appreciate the support, have a nice day!

@plankton.token, Without any doubt Red Fishes are most important part of this platform because they are budding users and they will boost this platform more and more.

But everything holds limitation and when there is limitation then individual, group and community support come into picture which try to empower others and definitely PLANKTON is doing that so i want to wish more success and growth ahead. Stay blessed team.


Thank you, we will do our best to empower our community to be able to contribute more to this already awesome platform. Thanks for dropping by!


Welcome and good to hear these words.

I feel jealous now because I am not a plankton :)

Great project! I hope to see the minnow version of this project :)


You can still be a part of this project and help everyone and grow your account. Just read our posts for more updates on how PLKN can be utilized. Have a nice day!


Nice! I'll check it out.

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This project will someday overtake SBI.


That's huge! Hahaha. Thanks, @eii. Have a nice day!

How about telling what Plankton stands for? If you are just started you have no clue. Even I do not know about the hierarchy here.

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Hi, @wakeupkitty, plankton are the smallest players here but we have the biggest number, of course. Plankton have 0-499 SP. When you get 500 SP, then you are called a Minnow. At 5000 SP, one is called a Dolphin and at 50, 000 you are called an Orca then some more SP, like 10x that you are called a Whale. Plankton is also called Red Fish, when you use the Steemitboard, there is no mention of Plankton, they call them Red Fish. Visit the Steemitboard for more idea on the heirarchy.


Thank you for the explanation.

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This is a great project . I believe many steemians will benefit in this project.

Goodluck and God bless!!!


Thank you for the well wishes! God bless you, too!

Plankton Token has good objectives in place to help newbies and I can see it bridging the gap between big fishes and small fishes and just about every fish in Steemit. I hope people come and help in their own little way to make this project realize what they want to do. I believe they are true to the promise of being a community token for the community. Plankton and Steem to the Moon!

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Thank you, @benedict08 for being behind us in the project. Stay awesome!

GodSpeeeeeeed ! ♥♬

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Thank you! All the best and God bless, @bluengel.

There are many similar initiatives. I wish you success. I am able to participate. Resteemed, followed.


Thanks for dropping by and for your input. Have a nice day!

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It works Great!

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Thanks! We will do our best to get even better. Thanks for the support.

Great project!

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