PLANKTON TOKEN (PLKN) -- Who We Are and Why We Are Here?

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Hi, Steemheads!

This will be a short introduction. The Plankton Token is a Steem Engine Token created by @mermaidvampire and her little red fish friends in Steemit. The token aims to help newbies in Steemit far and wide. It aims to have a supportive community that will help onboard new Steemians and share best practices to contribute positively to this blockchain. It wants to magnify that even a small fry can do something and be part of a big movement to impact lives through engagement and good content creation. To put it simply, this token wants to change lives and promote the mindset that no matter how small the fry is, it can make great things happen here in Steemit.

Hope for Plankton, hope for Steemit!

The Plankton Token initiative is headed by @mermaidvampire and @cadawg, two minnows who have been working together for a year now. They are Steemit BFFs for over a year now. They have not seen each other because they are about halfway across the world apart but they are committed to help their fellow red fish with this project. They have been thinking for over a year how to make it happen and so this Plankton Token is just a start of that noble goal.


The Plankton Token is not just a 2-person initiative, this has been inspired by a number of people, mostly red fishes who have been struggling with little to no support in the Steemit platform. However small they are they have tried to keep engaging for over a year now and somehow manage to grow their accounts and help people. This mindset and this community has inspired this project. They have been the life and blood of the games that @mermaidvampire had been doing. They have been supportive of this project and hopefully in the future, this token will be the flagship of support for those kind of Steemians, THE PLANKTONS.


Tentatively these are the plans of the Plankton Token Project:

What's in it for you if you are a PLANKTON? (550 SP and below is a Plankton)

  • We will have tasks that will encourage good content creation and engagement;
  • We will be open to mentoring and onboarding new Steemians/ red fish/ plankton;
  • We have daily and weekly games/faucets that will promise small daily growth of their accounts;
  • We will have tipbots, lottery and reward systems in place only for planktons;
  • We will be sponsoring and promoting contests that will benefit the planktons;
  • Plankton token sales will be all for rewarding plankton holders and giving more value to the token, thus letting the token holders earn more from it;
  • We will have a weekly poll contest, the Rising Plankton of the Week and offer more incentives;
  • Buy a month of upvotes from the accounts of mermaidvampire and the plankton accounts (plankton.token, for 10 PLKN (buy and send 10 PLKN to mermaidvampire);

What's in it for you if you are not a Plankton yet you hold PLKN Tokens?

  • We have weekly beneficiary rewards for the top 10 buyers of PLKN
  • We give 1% increase in tokens every end of the month for holders of > 100 tokens
  • For non top 10 buyers, we have an SP lottery of 0.1 SP for 5 people per week
  • YOU help change lives because you get to help planktons far and wide in this sea of frys called Steemit.

This does not end here, more ideas are on the works but we are taking it slow to make sure we have everything stable. On our end, we are committed to make this walk the talk and be the token of the entire Plankton Community in Steemit. No matter how small and slow, we promise support and we promise we can grow together hand in hand.

This PLANKTON. TOKEN account will be used for Airdrops, Updates, Roadmaps, and anything about the Plankton Token Project. If you are a holder of Plankton or you plan to be part of this community, please follow and support this page. Thank you so much for the support.

Currently, we have 68 PLKN Holders, some of them bought PLKN and some got the Airdrops:


We are selling at 0.25 Steem each at the Steem Engine Dex. We are selling the last 500 PLKN at 0.25 each before we increase to 0.3 Steems/PLKN. Support this token and get them fast from the DEX here:

Please support by resteeming this post. Thank you!

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Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

so now you're finally here and welcome with a red carpet hahaha...
glad to be one of the holders. keep it up!


Yes, hopefully we can post daily so we can make this account grow and earning for the Planktons. Thanks for being a part of this project. You are the first to support and believe that this can be realized. Thanks!

Hi @mermaidvampire i just bought 10 plkn , And I was going to use it for your vote. what percentage of the votes I will get??

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Moreover, as a plankton buyer and holder. you will be part of a weekly lottery and you will have a chance to win 0.1 Steem Power per week! That and many other perks. Watch out for them!


Okee i see, How I get a subscription to your vote ? How many steem or pkln I must send to you ?

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Send 5 PLKN to me and put your greetings in the memo or just anything. Thank you so much!


Okee.. i send it

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Got it. Thank you so much! Voted and resteemed.



Last question, 5 PLKN for how long subscription vote?

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Hello, @nureza. You will be the first to avail of that service if ever. I plan to vote planktons at 30% of my VP, not less than 80% VP. So that is 0.05 each vote everyday. Of course I will do more than that with resteems and comment upvote. I will make sure that you earn more than 5 PLKNs worth of votes. I will also summon the 2 accounts and @plankton.token to help out and suggest you to our friends who are behind the Plankton token. We also own the @cavampire account, that can help out, too! Thanks for buying, I saw your purchase in the Dex. We appreciate that! See you around.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome plankton.token!
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We are selling at 0.25 Steem each at the Steem Engine Dex. We are selling the last 500 PLKN at 0.25 each before we increase to 0.3 Steems/PLKN. Get them fast from the DEX here:

Welcome and Congrats! go go go! @plankton.token
Thank you much @mermaidvampire for your awesome and generous projects for helping the Planktons of Steemit...

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Thank you for the support. Have a nice day!

Looking good!

Thank you @mermaidvampire and @cadawg for your @plankn.token.
Welcome to the world and Goodluck.

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Thanks, nay! Have a nice day!

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Thanks for the airdrop! 👍😀


You're welcome!

Wow. Karen and her large heart! Kudos to the Plankton tokens team. Off to buy some.

This is really great...


Sent 1 PLKN to your wallet. Thanks!

To the moon? 😁


Yes, PLKN to the MOON! Sent you 1 PLKN. Have a nice day!


Welcome to steemit @plankton.token.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

This is very cool, I hope you the best and will follow along with your project. I wish you success

I'm willing to delegate some SP to show my support. Is that an option to earn plankton tokens yet ?

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@mermaidvampire and @cadawg, Wishing you success and growth and hope that your effrots will going to attain the fruitful results. Most importantly Red Fishes should get empowered. Keep up. 👍

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Imagine you just signed up and read this post. You know what I think? What the hell is plankton and red fish? What are they talking about?

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@mermaidvampire, I currently can't access the keychain extension, can I send steem to the plankton account or you and get the plankton token in my steem-engine wallet please?


Sure, that's actually better. Coz buying through the Dex will ask a 1% transaction fee from you. Yes, you can send me here and I will send you back 0.25 Steem/PLKN. Great to hear from you, @bookoons! I hope all is well with you over there. Thanks!


Thanks a lot Karen. I'll send in the steem now. Yes, I've been well, how about you? Missed you much...hope to hear your voice soon. Cheers


Yeah, hopefully we can have something in Discord. I've been well, too. Thanks for asking. Cheers!

new token ...wish progress amon all competitors

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Great idea to support the local plankton floating around amongst the big fish!