I Am What?

2년 전

Hey Y'all.

Remember awhile back I made a silly little post that was called I Am Plants? I kind of remember that.

Why would I call a post I Am Plants...?

Is it because I lack creativity? Am I just a troll? Or is there some deeper meaning I'm trying to explain to myself, hmmm.

I Am Plants. Am I Plants?

If I Am Plants, I am definitely a perennial flower, one with a bulb like a tulip or a daffodil. A type of plant that appears to die in the winter but really, it hasn't died. It spouts, grows, buds and blooms, spring through fall. And in the winter, when its colder and darker, it goes dormant and waits... hiding nestled deep in the soil.

In the fall as the bloom and plant matter dies, the bulb is undergoing many changes, all important and interesting. It's using the nutrients from the soil and those that its leaves created from the suns rays, plumping up with the moisture from the rain.

It's holding onto all of that goodness from its flower and foliage, and preparing itself for the freezing temps and short days. It hides, it rests, it recovers.

It knows spring will come soon and it will grow and bloom again.


Take Care,

all photos are my own

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this is a marvelous post! i believe strongly that us northerners should hibernate. in fact, i hear my bed calling me right now...