Platforms Pivots - Providing Services to Both WhaleShares Projects and SteemIt Projects!


We are still mission driven to provide projects instant communities and interest around their projects while bringing reason for community members to hang with us on Platforms!

We are just streamlining some aspects and incentives (all subject to change of course). Firstly, Platforms is now serving both Whaleshares and SteemIt community users and project owners. Any other future social media blockchain companies will be considered too.

Second, we are re-doing the incentives for our end users and project owners who come to request Platforms services. We’ll do a brief rundown on how this looks now with a more drilled down version in another post.

Lastly, make sure you join our discord! The Platforms discord is where the heart of Platforms starts, meet like-minded people who: like projects, we call them project lovers; have skills, such as web design, programming, and logo making; writers, people who write; and of course the project owners themselves who are looking for end users. Each one of the roles just mentioned will have value and earn you tokens just for hanging out in Platforms on a monthly basis! We value your time and attention.

Still not convinced?

You must get involved! As there will be plenty of incentives to do so. Just a quick tease of ideas: Your activity will unlock certain perks (such as stake within projects we support).
You can easily track your progress in the discord as to what level you are at and how close you are to unlocking all the advantages Platforms has for that particular role.

  • Free, real use, giveaways like a free 100% upvote from @blissfish (steemit users) raffles for a free 100% upvote to your post, seats on Incinbot, and many, many more!
  • Support and recognition as a new minnow in your community
  • Receive our tokens as explained below in our post for your activity and hanging out!
  • For SteemIt users when SteemIt actually does SMTs and we’ve on-boarded a SteemIt related project who is doing an SMT, you have a chance at receiving SMTs as “give back” to our community.

But there is more, and the real kicker… you can earn real, free cryptocurrency.

If you participate within the community, you will be able to actively gain our community units listed below. Each unit has a different value than the other and some are more valuable to hold onto.

Platforms Minnow Unit

These tokens will be given to users for activity, content creation, and more.
Platforms Dolphin Unit

These tokens are going to be given less frequently to community members than the Platforms Minnow Unit, and if they are given out, it will be for larger contributions within the Platforms community. More details on this coming soon.
Platforms Whale Unit

These tokens are going to be given less frequently to community members than the Platforms Dolphins and Minnow Units, and if they are given out, it will be for larger contributions within the Platforms community. More details on this coming soon.

Own A Project And Want Some Engagement With It?

Look no further than Platforms! You will gain a true core of project lovers ( Literally, they are named that ! ) . Here are some incentives of having your project involved in Platforms:
  • Live curation shows/voice chat ( we pay our audience for you to listen to you!)
  • Your token giveaway by us on your behalf
  • The ability to pitch any other services/products related to your project
  • Projects find other projects ( networking )
  • You need certain skill set ( web design, logo, writing )

Come and talk to us in the discord, and let us work out how we can make your project successful!

Platforms Will Be on @Fundition Soon!

We’ll be running a project funding on Fundition in a post to follow.

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