The Platforms Community Token Is Live!


The Platforms Community Token Is Live!

Made by @Jacobite


We are proud to announce that the Platforms Community Token is now live! The Platforms system has been months in the making and we are one step closer to completing our ultimate goal. As we wrote in our white paper the Platforms community token is a reward token that can be used to receive upvotes on your posts on Whaleshares.

How to use PLATFORMS?

To use your PLATFORMS tokens simply send your PLATFORMS to the Bitshares address: platforms. You will receive your upvote within seconds thanks to the automation software provided by the @eternalblue team.

  1. Enter the 'Send To' Address: platforms
  2. Enter a quantity of your PLATFORMS token (1-100)
  3. Enter the URL of the post you wish to reward
  4. Click SEND

Visual Demonstration:


How to earn PLATFORMS?

There are multiple ways to earn PLATFORMS and one of the most common way is to take up tasks within our Discord server. Platforms employs a dynamic system for project promotion, community building, and other initiatives. Contributors pick up tasks ("buckets") and then are rewarded with tokens. Current buckets include writing, graphic design, coding, and other heartfelt projects of choice. Contributors are rewarded with the Platforms Reward Token. You can also earn PLATFORMS for being active within the Platforms Discord.

The Stake Backing PLATFORMS

We plan on having multiple different stakes back the PLATFORMS token across multiple different social blockchains. Within these upcoming weeks the Platforms team will buy, trade, and earn WLS/Whalestake which will be used to power up our account and grow the stake backing our token. We are actively growing our stake on Whaleshares and plan to back our token on other social platforms in the future. We currently have a little under 1,500 Whalestake and expect to gain over 1,000 more in the course of the next couple of days. We estimate to have over 10,000 Whalestake by the beginning of February.

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Is this for Steemit or only for whaleshares ?

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Platforms is a community on both Steem and Whaleshares. The reward token is currently only automated on Whaleshares but manual upvotes can be done for Steem.


Hi @steemflow at the moment its for WLS, but we will have cross over to many other chains including Steem ofc.