New Developments on Platforms Discord

3년 전

I've been on the down low for the last couple weeks. In that time Platforms have been exploding at a rapid rate and they are forming connections and partnerships as well.

Here's what's been happening.

Rapid Growth

The Platforms Discord membership is grown really fast. There are about 600 members now. I think that's exponential growth. I remember it was at 300 just recently. Well done Platforms.

New partnerships

Platforms formed a partnership with @Project-Atlas whose aim is to strengthen freelancing activities on the Steem blockchain. They also aim to bring more talented people, like writer, graphic artists and programmers onto the Steem block. They also provide promotion services, providing upvote and resteem services as well.

Platforms also partnered with @Ezira which is a free, opensource decentralized platform built on its own blockchain, not coincidentally, called Ezira. I see that as essentially this is similar to the Steemit website, providing a social network and other crypto trading abilities. This is pretty cool and interesting.

More Giveaways

Since these new partnerships, I noticed that there are more giveaways in the giveaways channel. And it's not just the PLATFORMS tokens that are given away.

Also, there are more opportunities to write and earn with the introduction of the project-bounty-post competitions. They are similar to the regular bounty post that runs on a weekly basis but in this one, you must write a post about one of their partners. There will be an announcement about which partner you should write about each week. And just like that, you can earn some PLATFORMS tokens and SBI shares. I love that.

Platforms is definitely a great way to build and grow your community.

If you'd like to get it on the fun and earn some extra tokens, join the Platforms Discord

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