The Zoological Garden of Babylon: The mysteries of the ancient Satshascharya

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Ancient Seven Wonders of Mysteries The Num Gardens of Babylon (Imagine)

Who does not like to see in any garden, flowers of different colors, butterflies? And if the garden is above the ground, above the top, then there is no word! One such garden is the Zoological garden of Babylon. We all know that there is desert in most of the country of Iraq. Long ago this country had a city called Babylon. This city was built on the bank of the river Euphrates. At that time King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was king. One day he made a strange plan. The wife thought of building a garden inside the desert to entertain herself. But saving a tree in the desert is a big problem. The reason is lack of water. So, naturally, there is a word impossible to make in the garden. That is why the king plans to build a garden in a special way.

At first he made a place like a mountain. Then he divided the hill into several floors and made the porch around each floor. In this verandah, various flowers and flowering trees were planted. Seeing this park, it seemed that the trees were all floating in the void. Growing any tree in the desert is almost difficult. It was surprising that there was such a beautiful garden in that place. This garden has already been destroyed long ago. A few years ago some scientists claimed to have found some broken walls in this garden of Babylon.

Naming the Baby

Vacant gardens of imaginary Babylon

Among the Mesopotamian civilizations, this is one of Babylon's civilization. The city of Babylon, built on the banks of the Euphrates, was a splendid one. The square was surrounded by a large defense wall, which was wonderful from the height and wide side. In front of the city there was a strong and high gateway. Again a large pillar was built in the city. Whose name was the Babylonian Tower. The name probably had a relation with the name of the Babylonian name.

The fall of Babylon

Persia Emperor Cyrus captured Jerusalem in 514 BC and destroyed the city. Their worship and royal palace burned. Since then, Babylon's empire continues to fade. He later became Negonidas Emperor. But Babylon's prosperity ceases to be lost. Babylon is now debris The Babylonian city mixed with dust in the fierce attack of Persian Emperor.

Debate over the empty garden of Babylon

Ancient Seven Wonders of Babylon's Zoological Mysteries
The mysteries of the ancient Satkhasarakya, the zoological garden of Babylon

Most of the researchers of modern day thought that there was nothing in the bare gardens of Babylon. This is the creation of the literary. There is no reason why the garden does not exist anymore, it is not only responsible for this decision. The first writing about the garden was written by the Bablanian priest Broosas c. Originally based on his writings, Greek historian Gone wrote about this garden, none of whom saw the garden itself.

When the garden was made, no author of this garden was found in the description of the author. The matter is quite mysterious. Why did the creation of such a large number of writers or writers of the time did not appear in the writings?

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Recently some researchers and historians think that Hanging Gardens of Babylon is not actually in Babylon. This was in Iraq's ancient empire, the city of Assiaru, in Ninebheh. And built by King Cykreb of Assyria on the banks of the Tigris, around 681 AD. However, for the Greek historians, it is not possible to take strong evidence for this claim.
After all such debates, the German archaeologist Robert Coldwey has some hope of seeing the empty garden in Babylon. In 1899 he started digging in the city of Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar's palace, the fort, the Tower of Babylon and the city's protecting walls are all found in his excavation. In the end, he found a room with 14 rooms in which the roof was made of stone. According to the ancient history of Babylon, there was no mention of stone use except for the northern fort and hanging gardens. He claimed that this place was hanging garden as he found it already. He even found a room that was used in chain pumps. Which gives strong evidence to the existence of the garden.

However, according to modern researchers Coldman's claims are wrong. Because the part that he has said as hanging gardens is far from the river which is very difficult to describe both the historic garden location and the problem of water supply from both sides. Moreover, according to many modern archeologists, this section was used as a horticulture rather than a horticultural workshop and storeroom.

However, the last thing is that there was a debate about the structure and location of the garden, but there was no denying that there was a modern Chhadabagan in ancient Iraq.

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