★★★★ Heartbreaking Story ★★★★

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★★★★ Heartbreaking Story ★★★★


★★★★ Heartbreaking Story ★★★★
During Tiffin, all the children went out to Tiffin. Everyone came out of the class and someone else went to the canteen to play in the field. But one of the boys was not in any of these. The boy is sitting under a tree in one of the trees. Every day the boy looks like this. Many people in the class can not see this boy. The boy's shirt is dirty, the hair is shuffle And the rest of the dresses are beautiful. All of them just tidy up, except that boy. Front test The school has to pay the money. Everyone says everyone's home. All the parents came and paid the money. The only fee for that boy is the examination fee. The boy really asked about Sir Fie in class. And the boy is silent. This is the way for 2-3 days. Sirs realized that this boy could not pay. Head to the head, and complained to the boy. Head man called the boy to his room. There was a lot of shout The parents asked parents to come to the class the next day. On the first day your parents came and filled the admission, and I did not see their face in 1 year. Tomorrow if your parents do not meet me, you will not be in the class. Now go. "The boy will not be as old as 14 to 15 years, the boy went to the class and went out of the class with a bag of his bag, and the boy did not come to the school, and after many days, Sir Sir was one day standing in the street for rickshaw. Where did you come from a rickshaw and said, Sir, he will go to school? Sir wondered at the rickshaw driver, a 14-year-old boy Sir was more surprised when Sir noticed that this boy was the boy whom he had expelled from school, Sir could not speak, he got up in the rickshaw, and the boy started talking. "Sir, do you know me? Sir did not say (pretending to chitana), "Sir, I did not pay the fee for the exams so that I was out of the house." I know that, "Sir, if you do not leave me out of school on that day, I will die today . Meaning, what? Sir i orphan Roam the streets on the streets I was standing in front of different schools and wondered if I could read. One day a brother and his wife gave me a letter in my school. I was very happy. But after admission to the school, he did not see the madam ray. And I was crazy like a madman, I did not eat or eat, and I would have stayed in school all day. When everyone used to eat Tiffin, I used to sit in one sitting and see everyone ate. I used to cry The hunger would have been a lot. But it would have been better to do the classes. So I did not eat food. And I went to the night to sleep beside the road. After you got me out of school, I realized that education is not for us. Those who do not have enough food in their stomach, parents do not have read readings for them. So from that day sir I am driving a rickshaw. Now every day, every day, Sir, eat 2-plate rice in 3-Bed Hotel, eat fish, pulses and stomach rice. ..... Sir, I did not know what I was doing to distract myself. Wearing Sir School Eisa Take this neat "Sir, what is this?" "Sir, you can not take money from me," said the boy, and the boy went away, and after that, the head was drowning with the eyes of Sir, he was going to wipe the rickshaw with the waffle but now it is now over. The boy whom he did not know without having heard many things out of school, did he give him so much respect? Sir, he walks and tears Dukalena delete on your own room. "Let's not, we'll proceed with the help of one of these poor boys. Not for a day, but always with the boys. If you are spending so much money, if you spend some money every month at the cost of a poor boy's education, you will find yourself very happy. ,,,, all will be good, everybody will be blessed, I too can help helpless people,


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