Those who love, they never 'Good Not called 'morning'.

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Those who love, they never'Good Not called morning'.


Those who love, they never
Not called 'morning'.
They say 'what's the matter of sleeping?'
Or is it yet?
Falling down? "
Those who love, they sometimes sleep
Before 'good'
Night does not sleep.
They say before sleeping, 'Hurry up
Do not go to the newsletter on Facebook, with anyone
Do not do it! If you do not listen to me but kill
Those who love, they say 'I'
Love You
Do not remove the tongue from the mouth.
Sweet to the taste of her tender huff
Say, 'You do not live well!'
Those who love, they say in the words
In the words' i
Miss U 'does not say.
They break the silence and say suddenly
Got me '
Do not you remember?
Those who love, they say in words
'You too
Looks beautiful 'does not say.
Seeing the person of love, they have their own
It is filled with some kind of fascination. Some things
Thousands of praise is equal!
Those who love, they are 'and mine
BF / O
Not my gf.
They are the people of their own love
Talking to anyone
To say it is confused.
What did u do
I will address it!
In love and relation
A lot of difference. Sky-difference difference ......


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