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She used to sleep in her husband Aar Ami's room There are many days But he is astonished to think he is Like us, we got married

(True facts)

Everyone will love to read ..
She used to sleep in her husband Aar Ami's room
There are many days But he is astonished to think he is
Like us, we got married.
Only then did SSC pass. I am
Black to see. Love loving me
Nothing except the story inexhaustible. Maybe the other ten
Kidney like a girl dreamed dreams.
Rajkumar Pankhikaraj is not riding on a horse, I am
A husband like me must have a wife to me
Take on
Many wedding proposals came however. Parents
Turned back Amy said I am still
Small, I want to read more.
Where is a friend of my friend when I ama
Saw it Brother's friend Ama married her
Wants Could not tell the brother directly to the other
Told the friend. Father in the house of the brothers
They have all said. Boy Rich Family, Amy
I'll be happier, they mean brother.
But why should my friend be friend of mine?
Not liked at all. But my parents are right
Has been done I said I will not get married. That day
The brothers killed us very much.
Parents never killed me. But in the marriage
Brother did not agree
A timely forced girl is like a wooden doll
She is the daughter of a teenage girl, unknown
Passed for the purpose.
Parents gave their marriage without looking for much.
Saying friend is a friend How many dreams are in the chest
I went to my father-in-law's house after nursing. But then
That dream is like a glass piece of hope
Broke down. Someone in the house of my father-in-law's house
Do not like Everyone in that house is fair, we are only
Black. All the negligent arrows day after day
I began to pierce my body. That's what everyone said, Amy
Husband did not protest. Because the same
Neighbors from the arrows are also from your husband
Husband, who is the companion of the whole life. If he is
Because of the reason of hand lifting the hand unnecessarily
It does not take time to tear the inside out.
Never been able to do anything. To us
I used to say, my job is to cook only, work in the house
Be done Yes, I'm just like a job girl
I have lived day after day.
The husband goes around with his wife, the movie
See, these friends go to the park
Listening to I used to read stories in the story. I am
After the marriage, the husband could not go outside
Too much to beat once more remembered
After the meal I went to my parents.
Did not call us for a time,
I do not even have her husband. My mother
Tell me, a boy / girl
It'll be all right. My parents myself told me
The house is left to her husband's house.
Afraid of respect Come home from the husband's house
The girl did not. People will have to listen to this
Thinking that the world will break, I think
It was sent to hell.
I have never had any problems with roti. Two of the clothes
The place would buy five. But husband's love, father-in-law
I could not find how my mother-in-law's love was.
I got married 10 years ago. A boy
One of his daughters My mother said my son
If the girl will be all right Have been
Completely opposite. Three years later I could
Husband sleeps in the room His son's daughter
Sleep with me If ever the boy
I am your husband by sleeping in the girl
I used to go to the room, drive me away. If you do naughty
I used to say, why would I leave her husband?
Stared up to kill us. Two days of courage
I said, "I do not like to be nice to you
Got married So i liked it so much
You suggested marriage at home. So now i am
What's wrong? "
The answer was, "Then the mouth will get out of grief
It's good to be good. "
Ha ha ha, after listening to this verse, I am a laughing smile.
Is that the pure love of the husband?
Now I have no place to go. Angry parents
Here is the time when I came to my mother to understand
Leave He left his two daughters
Where to go to amiiba?
My husband also with any other daughter
There is no relation. No bad habit
Not there. Just like the hills, the pride is pissed
Remember Married to marry us was stubborn
I think the man. That is why this tremendous neglect
Towards me
The funny thing is that he is his husband but his son
Enough of the girl. Only to me
Its anchorage I do not know anything now. Without needing
Do not even talk What will be the market to say only. Cook,
Eating with children and sleeping in them.
How many times have I said, "This way life will live?"
The answer is, "It was going on, if it seems
Do not go to you, then go away. "
No, this guy will not say anything. Boy
The girl is growing up, she is not eating any food
There is no hobby.
"I have accepted fate
Happiness saannah I have so much sadness that indigo
Accepted a hundred misery. I've been with you so long
The rest of the life is possible. "



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