Wife: Well, what do you like to see me? πŸ’œ

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Wife: Well, what do you like to see me? πŸ’œ


β™₯ ** β˜… Husband and wife in Bashar's house some conversations ........
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Wife: Well, what do you like to see me? πŸ’œ

Husband: I did not like my mother

Wife: But why do I have to go to you, I go to bed, because I want to sleep

Husband, listen to where you go


Swamiji will listen to my thick words before, 😰

Wife: But say it is good to see me

Swami: I have not seen anything yet, before I see you well or not

Wife: O God, for the last 8 hours, you are still waiting to see me

Husband there are many things 😱

Wife: Well, you do not have to say it, but you have my helper, that day the day you went with your mother, you did not see me, but I saw you silently.

Swami Chunni, you have the habit of stealing in your eyes

What does the wife say, why it can be stolen, my eyes have seen as you want to see

Husband and so

Wife: Listen to me, but I can not say like another 10 girls, that you are the first person in my life, so much scarlet leaves but I am not, I have loved, now if you have any problems then you can say. And if you If you have relationships, then you can also say that if I get hurt I will accept it

Husband, ha ha ha, you say it again in a big voice to me, do not you have any fear, if you do not have any relation with you then.

Do not leave wife, do not lie, so we will not start our relationship with lies

Husband: Very brave girl, after listening to these words, I may not have much love for you.

Wife: It may be reduced, but it will always be my friend, that is, I do not hide anything, but again I have convinced myself that I will love you so much that you will not be able to live well.

Husband: I got it, but I have a relationship with a girl who is still mad

Wife: Stay away from me 4 hands

Why husband? 😰

The wife was with another girl, so long ago she did not purify you, then come to her after

Husband: Ha ha ha, this should not have been done to me

Wife: You say you have yet but I do not say that I have yet, I have come to be holy, you have got all the better.

So, what should I do to be holy?

Wife: Come on before wudu

Husband: Oh, hopefully, what to do now

Woman: Let us pray today for two people and say that today, nobody will come among us, it will remain above us, and God forgives us for our past work πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ ,,,,, Amin.


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