EP22: Roger Ver – How to Start Your First Bitcoin Business This Afternoon

3년 전

Roger Ver is a Bitcoin superstar. He’s been supporting, buying, spending and helping others understand both the currency and technology side of Bitcoin since 2011 (basically before anyone else). Roger has vast knowledge in economics and has applied that to helping better understand liberty, entrepreneurship and how to use the combination to create a freer lifestyle.

This episode is a real gem for anyone interested in Bitcoin, the marriage of economics and freedom as well as the mindset it takes to build a successful business. Roger is a very forward looking individual and there are tons of knowledge nuggets for you.

Roger also mentions how you can start your own Bitcoin business in a single day by using Purse.io. Use our affiliate link and support Liberty Entrepreneurs with no cost to you. Entrepreneurs need capital to build!

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Informative podcast

"Roger Ver is a Bitcoin superstar."

I would like to add some context to this statement. Ver has recently been more heavily involved in the Bitcoin competitor Bitcoin Cash. This is important to note because he often attempts to mislead people by saying Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. He devotes many of his tweets to deriding Bitcoin (incorrectly referring to it as "Bitcoin Core"). It is true that he was an early investor into Bitcoin but I urge people to take what he says with a grain of salt as he is now heavily invested in Bitcoin's competition.

With that title you bought my interest.

Thank you very much for bringing this.

Greetings from Venezuela

The blockchain revolution is creating business opportunities everyday, and those who will benefit are those who understand its implications early.

Is Bitcoin Cash more faithful to the original vision of Bitcoin? Only time will tell but I will hold both in my portfolio.