EP32: Trevor Koverko (Part 2) - How To Buy Cash Flowing Websites

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Welcome back to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast. I’m so excited to welcome back Trevor Koverko who was previously on Episode #7 entitled “Virtual Reality and Digital Real Estate”. This time we only concentrate on how and why Trevor buys profitable, cash-flowing websites. It’s a very young market with TONS of potential. Think about this, Trevor and his team ONLY look at websites that have a 30% or more ROI.

This is such an exciting topic and I’m very pleased to share it with you. I’ve included the show notes below and please comment on our Facebook page with your feedback.


Trevor’s 5 steps to successfully purchase a website (basically his framework and day-to-day rules)

Active lead generation and sourcing websites. Find the best deals before the bidding war happens.
Due Diligence on the best leads that come in (qualify all leads). Verify traffic, legitimate links on website, etc
Make offer and negotiate deal. Once you like the deal, it’s time to ACT! It’s still a buyer’s market since there’s not a lot of liquidity for sellers, but that is changing rapidly. This means you can potentially have a lot of leverage during the negotiations. All of the buyer’s protections are created in this step.
Transition assets from previous owner. Remember, this is an Asset Purchase Agreement instead of a Share Purchase Agreement. This allows you to easily transfer the jurisdiction of the business since it’s all online and virtual.
Promote Growth. What are the revenue streams and how can you grow them? Advertising? Cross selling? Enhance SEO? How much content creation is required?
TheWebsiteBuyer.com – Trevor’s “authority website”. Learn how he plans to capture an audience and solidify himself as the #1 place to go to for this type of knowledge. He has already developed educational resources and coaching programs to help YOU start cash flowing websites.

Mainstream Investments? Not so fast…
Why did Trevor “flip the bird” to mainstream investments including stocks, mutual funds, gold stocks, oil stocks, real estate, bitcoin ATMs, traded options and bonds?

How did he put an END to his investment losing streak with the 3 key elements below?

Keep Control
Prioritize Cash Flow
Trevor’s recommends that young and new entrepreneurs learn about digital marketing.


What is a marketing funnel
How to up-sell and down-sell
How to split test
How to analyze metrics and other data
Favorite Quotes:

“This [digital marketing] is the future language of business, not a little niche of geeky internet people”.

“If you add value for other people in their lives, good things tend to happen to you as well.”

***I recommend you read Trevor’s story on his “About Me” page:

Sample from website:

Life Investment Lesson #1:

Earnings lead to Savings
Savings lead to Investments
Investments lead to Cashflow
Cash Flow leads to Freedom

Contact info:
Email: trevor@thewebsitebuyer.com
Website: www.thewebsitebuyer.com

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