EP38: How to Create a Liberty-based Community

3년 전

Have you found it difficult to meet other liberty-minded people in real life? Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook and Reddit so that you can have some resemblance of a rational, logical and market-based conversation? Does anyone else in your life know who Mises, Rothbard or Spooner are? Do you feel that liberty only lives on the Internet? Think again...

Liberty on the Rocks is a happy hour for libertarians, anarcho-capitalists and other lovers of peace and freedom. Their goal is to build a community of liberty-oriented friends to increase knowledge and grow towards individual freedom.

I interview the two founders of LOTR (not Lord of the Rings), Justin Longo and Amanda Muell about how they came up with the idea and why it’s a happy hour. We discuss what was missing in their lives which gave them the passion to create such a successful meetup.

We also chat about how creating such a meetup has introduced them to people who have changed their lives as well as helped build a community that they rely on for constant, high-quality conversation over cheap drinks.

Remember, we are building freedom, not begging for it. If there’s something missing in your life, a pain or problem that you aren’t happy with, then as an Entrepreneur your goal is to start finding ways to solve it. Most likely other people share your pain (in this example, not having a network of freedom-esque people in your life) and it’s a great place to start building.

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Keep Building Freedom!


Contact Info:
Liberty on the Rocks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/libertyontherocksinternational

Justin Longo: justin@libertyontherocks.org

Amanda Muell: amanda@libertyontherocks.org

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This was one of my favorite episodes. Thanks for sharing

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