EP40: Jeffrey Tucker Overcoming Fear and Building Liberty me

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If you haven’t heard about Jeffrey Tucker then you are missing out. He’s a force for liberty like you’ve never seen before. He’s written 1000’s of articles, been interviewed and published by the largest outlets, created a social platform for a liberty-based community and continues to educate the world on crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

I first learned about him in 2008 while regularly watching various lectures on Mises.org. His charisma, energy and preselective always struck me as unique….as unique as his bow ties. The guy is always dressed to impress and his knowledge is the same.
The thing that struck me was his constant perspective of how wonderful the world actually is. From smart phones, varieties of food, conveniences of the internet and level of creature comforts never experienced before. This is definitely the best time to be alive.

Sure, there’s crappy situations in the world that we should be aware of, but Jeffrey brings a perspective that consistently appreciates the beauty of the Free Market and voluntary action.
We dive into an array of topics including his first entrepreneurial experiences (as a child) to quitting the Mises Institute and building the world’s first liberty-oriented social platform, Liberty.me. You don’t want to miss why Jeffrey decided to jump into a ~30F degree lake to raise funds by crowdfunding.

One main discussion is why “libertarians” tend to only remain in the theoretical world instead of putting their knowledge into ACTION and becoming an entrepreneur.

We end the show by talking about the effectiveness of Ron Paul’s political “R3volution” and the effect of Ayn Rand’s ideas of the capitalist’s role in the fight for freedom.

I’ve included the “freezing lake” video referenced in the interview as well as links to his books which I HIGHLY recommend. He has such an interesting perspective based in peace, liberty and entrepreneurship.

I know that you’ll enjoy this interview and please Like, Comment and Share!

In Liberty,

Contact Info:
Publishing site: https://tucker.liberty.me/
Email: tucker@liberty.me
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffreyATucker

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