EP46: Doing Business with the Dash Blockchain w/ Amanda B Johnson

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Amanda B Johnson started down the rabbit-hole of libertarianism and voluntaryism in 2011. At the time she was struggling to find work and became really interested in what caused the economy to become so crappy. She heard about a guy named Ron Paul who was running for President and was shocked when he sounded like he was speaking the truth.

With her new found enthusiasm, Amanda started creating liberty related, Ron Paul videos on Youtube and quickly gathered following. She became fascinated with money and economics and the role they play in pursuit of personal freedom and wanted to share her new found perspective with the world.

In 2013, Amanda encountered Bitcoin. Like many of us, she read and studied it with passion and eventually wrote blog posts for several large Bitcoin publications including Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com. In late 2015, Amanda started a YouTube series entitled The Daily Decrypt, which discussed the currency competition and evolution taking place in the crypto space.

By mid-2016, she decided to specialize in one network in particular — Dash — which she finds to be the most technically and economically superior thus poised to gain strength, market-cap and influence. She named the new show Dash: Detailed.

Amanda and her colleagues are the first ever podcast or video blog to be sponsored and paid DIRECTLY from the Dash blockchain, or any blockchain for that matter. Someone needs to add this to Wikipedia.

A self-funding blockchain this is an evolutionary step for cryptocurrencies. Unlike Bitcoin, the Dash blockchain allocates a certain % of the block-reward (or inflationary payout) to fund projects which help build, support and market their network and is much more business-like in their approach.. Dash: Detailed is showing the world how blockchains and crypto-assets can be used to build and support a voluntary community and economy with a open-source and transparency money.

Thanks again for tuning in!

Contact Info:

Twitter: @Dashpay

Dash: Detailed: https://www.youtube.com/dashorg

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Badass episode that's got me looking much hartder at proof of stake chains.

Hdave you looked much at ZENcash? It's got somewhat of a hybrid system where it's minable with GPUs, but if you run a masternode, you can also earn some.