EP56: How to Get Free PR for your Startup with Josh Elledge

3년 전

What you are going to learn in this episode:

Learn the #1 mistake that startups make when trying to market and generate publicity.
How to get FREE or very low-cost PR Buzz for your startup or small business
How Josh bootstrapped a 7-figure a year business and how he cut his grocery bill by 50% to help reduce the need for startup funding while building SavingsAngel.com
Why pitching your Expertise and Leadership is much more important than pitching your product

Making Extreme Couponing Simple and Convenient with SavingsAngel.com

One day at the grocery store, Josh asked his wife how much per month they spend on groceries. When his wife said $900, Josh was flabbergasted. He decided, that day, to find ways to save money and shop smarter.

About a year later he had founded www.SavingsAngel.com which used his newly gain coupon knowledge to help others cut their grocery bill by 50% each month.

We also chat about how and how long it took and how he was convinced to convert his super-coupon hobby into an actual online membership-based business which has generated several $MILLION$ in profit over the past 4 years...all by charging ~$3/week.

Yes, we’ve seen this before with Mac Prichard and how he built his job-board hobby into the 6-figure business http://www.MacsList.org.

Generating Free Publicity and Buzz for your Startup or Small Business

Advertising is expensive, and you probably don’t have a budget for it. What if I told you that my guest Josh Elledge doesn’t think that’s a problem. While we know that Success requires Exposure, you can hack the press to have them actually market your products and business.

Josh says “you can’t just build a business from behind your keyboard and expect to be recognized. You need to make your publicity happen.”

Remember, when you get lots of great media attention and buzz, you become a media celebrity. Celebrities are much safer (for media outlets) to bring on as “experts” which enables you to attract more attention, more traffic, and more sales for the products you represent. Get established and reap the rewards.

Josh reminds us that “the more your audience sees you, the more they will trust and like you. You’ll gain an incredible digital reputation. Investors will pay more attention. Customers will respect your authority in your industry. Your segments, stories, and content will get shared far and wide throughout the web – all doing its job to bring people back to you and your brand!”

YOUR Weekly Action Item: Find a local meetup in your field and introduce yourself to someone new within the next week. Tell them about your passions and see where YOU can help THEM...don’t worry about how they can help you yet. We need to be able to network, speak intelligently and market ourselves. It’s not just about our products and website...we are building our BRAND.

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