Everyday Crazy Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 - My Superhero Origin Story and Sucked Into Subcultures


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I recently started a regular weekly podcast Everyday Crazy. Check out the podcast debut episode on Anchor.fm or download the Anchor app on your iPhone or Android device and be sure to like, follow and subscribe. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

Also don't forget to check out the companion playlist on Spotify. The link for the companion playlist is in the show notes. It’s punk rock, satire and comedy just the way nature intended.

On Anchor FM, you can listen live and even leave me a voice message. You never know, but it could be featured on an upcoming show.

Everyday Crazy Season 1 Episode 1 My Superhero Origin Story and Sucked Into Subcultures

Every great superhero needs an origin story. In this episode you get a Cliff’s Notes version of LP’s origin story – minus the all-star MCU cast and cameo from Stan Lee, and learn how Louis Thoreaux’s Weird Weekend Documentary on BBC led to participating in paranormal investigations, sensory deprivation tank floats, and getting up close and personal with alien artifacts from Area 51.


Spotify Companion Playlist Everyday Crazy Season 1 Episode 1


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This episode throughly cemented my adoration for your daughter.
You: you believe in fairies and unicorns so...
Her: um Bigfoot is just too out there for me.
My kind of girl right there!

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@sunravelme she is by far one of he coolest people I know. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the stories she will tell everyone about the strange things her father had her do (like visiting the Bigfoot Museum or the not a radio show on MSP). I think the coolest knock-on effect of it all is watching her jump into new things and blazing her own trail unapologetic of what her interests are. I get a kick out of watching her grow into the woman she is looking to become.

lol, you're a crack up. Very novel timing indeed.


@aagabriel glad you had a chance to check out the podcast. I figure since every news outlet is already letting us know it's the end of days, they can corner the market on fear porn, I can just do my part to help us all laugh through Armageddon.